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User Info: LegendForce

9 months ago#1
So, I managed to beat standard-mode "The Final Battle!" and "Rivals!", and decided to play through on Advanced Mode in order to unlock Drake, Sturm, and Nell.

I've gotten to The Final Battle! in the Advanced Campaign, and I have Grit and Kanbei as allies. There are no online guides for Advanced Campaign w/ Grit & Kanbei, so I had to try and wing it, using a similar strategy that I beat it on standard mode with.

I'm getting ANNIHILATED. Sturm's titanic attack force stops cold my pitiful attempt to push him back, hems in and obliterates Andy while laughing off Grit & Kanbei's impotent attempts to save the lad, and then Sturm takes his sweet time hunting down and eradicating Grit and Kanbei as well.

I have failed this mission MULTIPLE TIMES. I NEED HELP.

User Info: EndlessCemetary

8 months ago#2
It’s been a hell of a while...

Use Grit as meteor bait and, if possible, position indirects next to mountain range to help Andy.

Just defend with Andy until Kanbei gets rolling, building tons of infantry meat shields with tanks and bcopters and the occasional AA

Plow ahead with Kanbei

Good luck bro!

User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
8 months ago#3
TFB AC is an extremely hard map.

First piece of advice would be to keep Grit on the meteor baiting strategy that I gave you on your normal campaign post. A meteor hitting Andy or Kanbei pretty much kills your forward momentum entirely.

Kanbei's first objective should be to clear all the Medium Tanks and aircraft that Sturm has on the front line - he should shred them with his higher firepower and Sturm's lower defence.

Andy is just going to be stalling for a few days until Kanbei can come to the rescue. Utilise Mech/Tank spam and use Hyper Repair as much as you can. If you can get the situation under control, the Airport trick works even better here, as most of the difference between the hard and normal version is the predeployed force.

Early on, if you can leave enemy units alive with low health, especially tanks/infantry/mechs it will be advantageous over outright killing them because they'll retreat to heal and give you a few turns breathing space.

Grit will mostly be baiting meteor strike, but if you can get him set up with rockets from the north base he can help thin them out.

The other good thing to do is if you can get Andy to send an infantry or two south to Grit's area and give him Grit's extra buildings (rather than Grit capturing them), it'll give Andy more funds that can be used on units at the front line rather than waiting several days for units to get into place.

Good luck!
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User Info: LegendForce

8 months ago#4
Oof. It took me three real-life days and 34 in-game days, and I got a C-Rank, but I did it.

User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
8 months ago#5
Congratulations on getting the clear, though!
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
8 months ago#6
A win is a win! Maybe down the road you'll dissect Storm's AI, but for now ice creams all around!
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User Info: JDM_Jev

7 months ago#7
Nice, the micro managing of turns required to optimally clear this mission is an absolute headache of soft resetting made even worse by the meteors, so just clearing it with bad COs is tough. Kanbei isn't that bad but I feel for everyone who ends up there with Sami and Grit.
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User Info: DemonKingu

7 months ago#8
I remember one interesting strategy to allow Sturm to capture Andy's airport and set a Missiles unit in range of it. The AI will use that airport to continuously try to deploy air units from it, which you can immediately take out anyway, essentially draining Sturm of 20k of income per day.

E: Oh, I see Xenesis mentioned this strat in the other topic as well. :P
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