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User Info: NitroNerd

3 years ago#1
I just played a brutal round of Vs. Mode on Rivers Four. That gave me an idea to make this topic. What challenges can you think of in Vs. Mode? Here is the setup, along with my Rivers Four challenge and complete time.
CO 1 (OS): (AI/human)
CO 2 (BM): (AI/human)
CO 3 (GE): (AI/human)
CO 4 (YC): (AI/human)
Fog: (on/off)
CO Powers:

Some general rules,

1: Leave any unused part out, do not put it in while leaving it blank.

2: Country name does not have to be included in the CO list, that is just there to show which play goes first. The order is CO 1 (OS), CO 2 (BM), CO 3 (GE), CO 4 (YC). Either CO number or country name can be used. Remember to state whether a CO is human or AI controlled. If you do not I will assume the first CO is human and the others are AI.

3: Teams should be shown in a way like this; CO 1 + CO 2 VS. CO 3. CO 1-3 can be replaced by the CO's actual name or the country of the CO.

4: If any thing from "Fog" to "CO Powers" is unchanged from the in game defaults, leave it out. Visuals should never be included because that just affects game time and experience.

5: The amount of turns taken to complete the level is optional, but is useful for showing a challenge is possible. Please do not submit impossible challenges.

6: Any questions about the format should sent via PM. I am most likelt to respond that way.

Also, I suggest a name for each challenge, so it is different than other with similar features.

Endurance River (My Rivers Four challenge)
Map: Rivers Four
CO 1: Max, AI
CO 2: Kanbei, AI
CO 3: Grit, human
Teams: Max + Kanbei VS. Grit
Fog: off
Weather: clear

Turns to finish: 64
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