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User Info: potrzebie_

3 years ago#1
I started to play it a week ago. The combination of different CO's, the maps that you can buy, land, sea and air units, the terrain, the variety of units, the possibilty of 2-4 human or AI players and the ability to team up makes it very replayable. Maybe it's even better than Fire Emblem.

I just wished that repairing units in cities would cost less than building new ones, maybe half, and that the computer didn't cheat in fog-of-war.

In vs. maps I wait 3 turns before starting to build units, to get a good challenge. I haven't tried facing 3 opponents in the same team yet. The infantry flood is my favourite tactic =)

User Info: DemonKingu

3 years ago#2
potrzebie_ posted...
The infantry flood is my favourite tactic =)

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User Info: Action53

3 years ago#3
I always found it too hard
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