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3 years ago#1
After playing the heck out of this game on the Xbox back in like 2002-2003 and 100%ing it I got a copy for my recently-acquired N64 and have been having a blast. I love the ridiculous things you can end up doing in this game.

Just now I was in the Philadelphia level with Rune Glifberg, grinding through the stage and racking up a huge combo to knock out the score objectives all in one go for him. It got to about 80,000 and I decided that since it was nearby, I would go finish up my combo with a liptrick in the Phillycide area that would end up giving me an ungodly multiplier and possibly the biggest score I've reached since re-buying the game.
So's I start manualling across the street, preparing to wallride the pillar and jump off that onto the rail leading to the half-pipe. Just as I'm about to jump, that damned metro bus slams into me and drags me halfway down the street, obviously ending my combo and leaving me with something very close to 0 points with a few seconds left on the clock because I spent my whole time limit building that combo up. I was pissed but I also laughed pretty hard.

I know this place is really, really dead but what the hell. Anyone got any funny stories of their own?
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