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User Info: faroresdragn

9 months ago#1
Heres the issue:

Im playing through this game with my little sister. Its her first time.

She has asked me to give her minimal hints during the playthrough. Having played through this game 1000 times, i know you need to find the ghost ship chart on diamond steppe island, but since its been 16 years now sonce i played this game the first time, i cant remember how LINK is supposed to figure that out. So im trying to figure out how to nudge her in the direction of figuring out the island by herself, without just telling her, and this isnt information that any walkthrough tells you.

Does she need to talk to somebody on windfall island? Does she learn it through fishman gossip? Or does the game expect you to figure it out through pure exploration?

User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
9 months ago#2
I suppose the clues are a bit thin. Lenzo has a pictograph of the Ghost Ship and tells a story that lets you know the Ghost Ship Chart exists and that you need it to board, but no information about where it is. The Fishman at Diamond Steppe Isle tells you the chart is in there, but if you're asking him you are likely already on your way to the island, and not everyone bothers to fill in their sea chart.
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