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User Info: Cam551

11 months ago#1
So I am new to the Zelda seires and have noticed that in most of the games ive played such as Wind Waker there is no way to tell what peoples name are. How do you figure that out? I use guides to help me with some of the small stuff Id never find on my own and it lists character names but I can figure out how to learn them my self.

User Info: Whyt17

11 months ago#2
I think unless they tell you the only way I found out was through the auction house or the Nintendo Gallery.

User Info: whisperstar13

11 months ago#3
A few of the Koroks will tell you their names, and you can learn the names of some of the Windfall Islanders by participating in the auction - the game gives the name of each of them when they make a bid.

If it's a good guide, though, I'd imagine it would give you more details than just their names.
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