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User Info: faramir77

14 years ago#1
Don’t post until I say so!

Table of Contents

-Terms of Service

Common Knowledge:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
-Wind Waker Songs
-Tingle Tuner
-Tingle Challenges
-Picto Box
-Deluxe Picto Box
-Magic Armor
-Cabana Deed
-Heroes Charm
-Triforce Parts
-Second Quest

Last Words


Terms of Service

Sigh. Please oh please do not break these rules. If you do your message will be deleted and you could possibly be banned.

If you don’t already know these rules you can find them here: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/tos.php

Common Knowledge:


The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker is a great game, overlooked by something little as some cartoon-like graphics. It was released in North America in March, 2003.

The main character is a young boy named Link (or whatever you name your file). You find yourself sleeping in what seems to be a tall lookout tower, until your little sister, Aryll, wakes you up. She reminds you that is your twelfth birthday and your grandmother wants to see you.

At your grandmother’s house, she gives you your birthday present. It’s a green tunic, and you comment that it’s way too warm to be wearing something like that. You return to Aryll, and she has a present for you, too! It is her most prized possession, her telescope. After a short cut scene of a large ship attacking a giant bird with a girl in it’s talons, you head off to find the girl.

After saving the girl (Tetra), she asks you to find a shield. Go to your grandma’s house, go up the ladder, then go back down, and your kind old grandmother will give you the Hero’s Shield. Return to Tetra, and your adventure starts here!

User Info: faramir77

14 years ago#2

Control Stick - move Link
Control Pad (Up) - open map
Control Pad (Left) - close map
Control Pad (Right) - change map size
Control Pad (Down) - close map
B button - swing sword (when you get it)
A button - roll (when running), sidle (when up against a wall), lift an object (when near something lift able), or any other special action (look at the green icon at the top of the screen)
X, Y, or Z button - use item
L button - L Target, center camera
R button - crawl, use your shield, perform a different action (look at grey button with R on it at the top of the screen)
C Stick - move the camera, play Wind Waker
Start/Pause button - open main menu


B - Horizontal Swing
L + B or (up on control stick) + B - Vertical Swing
B (hold) or (spin control stick) + B - Spin Attack
L target + A (when it flashes) - Parry
L target + B - Jump attack


Control Stick + A - Roll
L + Control Stick (left or right) + A - Dodge
L + Control Stick (down) + A - Backflip
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User Info: faramir77

14 years ago#3
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

In the order you should get them in:
Telescope: Outset Island (from Aryll)
Hero’s Sword: Outset Island (from Orca)
Hero’s Shield: Outset Island (from your grandmother)
Bait Bag: buy from Beedle for 20 rupees
Spoils Bag: beat Niko’s rope jumping challenge
Sail: Windfall Island (buy from guy in parka for 80 rupees)
Tingle Tuner: Windfall Island jail (gift from Tingle for releasing him)
Picto Box: Windfall Island jail (see Picto Box section)
Wind Waker: Dragon roost Island (gift from your boat)
Delivery Bag: Dragon Roost Island (gift from Quill the postman)
Bottle: (see bottle section)
Grappling Hook: Dragon Roost Cavern (miniboss)
Din’s Pearl: get after you beat Gohma in Dragon Roost Cavern
Deku Leaf: Forest Haven (climb up Deku tree to get it)
Boomerang: Forbidden Woods (miniboss)
Farore’s Pearl: get after you beat Kalle Demos in Forbidden Woods
Bombs: Windfall Island (get after beating Niko’s second challenge)
Nayru’s Pearl: Outset Island (bomb the cracked wall on the back of the island)
Hero’s Bow: Tower of the Gods (miniboss)
Master Sword (0\2) - Hyrule Castle (after beating Gohdan in Tower of the Gods, and after doing a small challenge)
Skull Hammer - Forsaken Fortress, 2nd visit (get by beating Phantom Ganon)
Fire and Ice Arrows - Mother & Child Islands (warp there using Ballad of Gales, see Wind Waker Songs section)
Power Bracelets - Fire Mountain (south of Dragon Roost) (shoot an Ice Arrow into the fire and quickly scale the mountain)
Mirror Shield - Headstone Island (Earth Temple) (miniboss)
Master Sword (½) - Earth Temple (after beating the boss, Jalhalla)
Iron Boots - Ice Ring Isle (west of Forest Haven) (shoot a Fire Arrow into the Ice and quickly enter the Island through the mouth)
Hookshot - Gale Isle (Wind Temple) (miniboss)
Master Sword (2/2) - Wind Temple (after beating the boss, Molgera)
Triforce Charts - (see Triforce Parts section)
Cabana Deed - (see Cabana Deed section)
Ghost Ship Chart - Diamond Steppe Island (sector F1) (climb to the top of the island, drop down the hole. Go into the first warp pot, go around the corner into the second warp pot next to a Floor Master, jump off the ship and jump into the pot under where you jumped off from, then jump into the warp pot on the left hand side of the far end of the ship. Open the chest)
Triforce Parts - (see Triforce Parts section)
Light Arrow - Ganon’s Castle (defeat Phantom Ganon)
Magic Armor - Windfall Island (see Magic Armor section)
Heroes Charm - Windfall Island (see Heroes Charm section)

User Info: faramir77

14 years ago#4
The wallet you start out with may not be good enough for it holds only 200 rupees. There are two rupee bag upgrades that will let you hold a lot more rupees:

Outset Island - in the forest at the top of the island. Bomb the giant rock and jump down the hole. A fairy will give you a wallet that holds 1000 rupees.

Northern Fairy Island (sector A3) - walk into the giant shell and fall down the hole. The fairy will give you an upgraded wallet that holds 5000 rupees.

As you progress, you will find you don’t have enough magic. Go to sector G4, look for a clatter of seagulls above the water, go there and a giant squid should appear. Hit each of it’s eyes with your boomerang until the eye goes black. After defeating the beast, a fairy will appear and give you a larger magic meter.

The starting amount of 30 arrows isn’t very much. Luckily, there are 2 places to upgrade your quiver:

Thorned Fairy Island (sector D7) - use the Skull hammer to hit the switches. The fire should disappear. Go into the seashell, down the hole, and get the 60 arrow upgrade from the fairy.

Western Fairy Island (sector C1) - again use the Skull hammer to hit the switch. The fire should disappear. Go into the seashell, down the hole, and get the 99 arrow upgrade from the fairy. Again.

Like the Arrows, you start out carrying only 30 bombs. There are two places to upgrade your bombs:

Eastern Fairy Island (sector C5) - simply bomb the stone in front of the seashell, jump down the hole, and get your 60 bomb upgrade from the fairy.

Southern Fairy Island (sector F4) - bomb the wooden gate blocking the entrance to the giant seashell. Go down the hole, and get the 99 bomb upgrade from the fairy.

User Info: faramir77

14 years ago#5
There are 4 bottles in TWW. Here they are:

Dragon Roost Island - get from Medli after throwing her onto the hill near the entrance to Dragon Roost Cavern

Bomb Island (E6) - find the floating submarine and enter it. Defeat all enemies, then open the chest to claim your prize.

Rock Spire Island (C2) - find the Beedle’s ship. Buy the bottle for a whopping 500 rupees. Even though he says he will close his shop, he will never, ever close!

Windfall Island - after the 2nd visit to the Forsaken Fortress, a girl will be standing near the auction room at night. Talk to her, then follow her and try not to get caught. Or, for an easier way, just run to the stairs to the Café. Crouch down on the bottom few stairs, and wait for her to come. She will go in the parka guy’s shop and try to rob the vault. Talk to her, then give the first answer to eack question to win the bottle.

Wind Waker Songs
Ah, the Wind Waker. It has many magical uses, and many magical songs. Here is a list of songs, where you get them, and what they do, in that respective order.

C = C stick (C-neutral means don’t move it)
CA = Control Stick (A for analog)

Wind’s Requiem - C-up, C-left, C-right, back of Dragon Roost Island, it changes the direction of the wind.
Song of Passing - C-right, C-left, C-down, Windfall Island, changes day to night, or night to day.
Ballad of Gales - CA-left, C-down, C-right, C-left, C-up, sector C4 or F3, warps you to special islands
Command Melody - CA-left, C-left, C-neutral, C-right, C-neutral, Tower of the Gods, controls statues, Medli, or Makar
Earth God’s Lyric - CA-right, C-down, C-down, C-neutral, C-right, C-left, C-neutral, Headstone Island, opens doors in Earth Temple.
Wind God’s Aria - CA-right, C-up, C-up, C-down, C-right, C-left, C-right, Gale Isle, opens doors in the Wind Temple
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User Info: faramir77

14 years ago#6
Tingle Tuner
After you save Tingle from his jail on Windfall Island, he gives you his Tingle Tuner. If you hook up a GBA using the GC to GBA link cable, and then use the Tingle Tuner, you can have a friend play as Tingle and help you throughout your quest. He has many special items you can use (for a price, of course):

Seagull Pen (0 rupees)- used to mark areas and direct Link to them
Tingle Bomb (10 rupees) - …just like regular bombs but can blow up walls in the main dungeons normal bombs couldn’t (see Tingle challenges section)
Tingle Balloon (30 rupees) - let’s Link cross large gaps
Tingle shield (40 rupees) - protects Link from damage for 40 seconds
Kooloo-Limpah! (40 rupees) - either refills Link’s health and magic, gives a 20 second shield, gives a 20 second shield and balloon, or nothing at all.
Tingle Watch (0 rupees) - tells you current time in the game
Red Guide Book (0 rupees) - gives useful hints for things Tingle-related
Hand me down Tingle Tuner (0 rupees) - let’s you purchase things from Knuckle after doing a Tingle Challenge on Outset Island (see Tingle Challenges section)
Red Ting / Green Ting / Blue Ting (20 / 40 / 80 rupees) - Red restores health, green restores magic, blue restores both

Tingle Challenges
There are two main Tingle Challenges:

Tingle Statues - there are five Tingle statues (1 in each main dungeon). There is one in the 1st floor of Dragon Roost, in the room on the way to the boss key, with the place to use the grappling hook. Use a Tingle bomb in the place that looks useless. There is one near the entrance way to the treasure chart room in the basement (1) of the Forbidden woods. In the Tower of the Gods, the Tingle Statue is located on the motionless platform in the room with the rising platforms and the Beamos, on the 2nd floor. In the Earth temple, the statue is on Basement floor 1, left of the bridge you crossed on your way down. Get there with your deku leaf. Finally, the last statue is in the Wind Temple, in the room where Makar got kidnapped,. Use the Deku leaf to reach the far platform.After all that, go visit Tingle in sector C3 and he will give you 500 rupees.

Knuckle’s Challenge - on Outset Island, use the Tingle Tuner. Walk along the beach near your Grandma’s house until you get a message from Knuckle. He will ask you to go to four locations: the pool north of your grandma’s home, the ladder leading from the water to the lookout tower, stand on the rock on the very top of Outset, then jump down off the bridge to the rock below (careful for that one). After that you can use the Hand me Down Tingle Tuner.

User Info: faramir77

14 years ago#7
Across the Great Sea there is a merchant named the Beedle. He appears in sectors B3, B4, B5, B6, C2, D2, D5, D6, E4, F3, F6, and G2.

Gohma - use Grappling Hook on the Dragon’s tail above 3 times, then use Grappling Hook on the eye and hit it with your sword many times.

Kalle Demos - use your boomerang on the cords holding him to the ceiling, then attack the little plant inside. If you are fast enough, you can beat him before he closes up.

Gohdan - hit each hand with and arrow. Then throw a bomb in his mouth. Repeat. Dodge his attacks and you’ll be fine.

Helmaroc King - wait for him to land, stand by his feet, and let him try to peck you. Dodge the peck, and when his beak is stuck in the ground hit it with the Skull hammer. When the mask breaks, you can use the sword instead.

Jalhalla - reflect the light using your Mirror shield onto him. When he falls to the ground, pick him up and through him into a spiky pillar. Kill as many Poes as you can, then repeat.

Molgera - use your hookshot on his tongue, then hit his tongue with your sword. Repeat, and enjoy the catchy music. Dee dooo dee do do, do do dooo…..

Puppet Ganon 1st form - cut all his strings with your boomerang, and hit his tail with the Light Arrow 3 times.

2nd form - push down on the C stick. You should be able to see the ceiling using the reflection in the water. When Puppet jumps up and spins, make sure where you are is where his blue tail lands. Again, hit it with the Light Arrow 3 times.

3rd form - simply hit his tail three times with the Light Arrow. If it helps, shoot his face with a normal arrow, and he should stop moving for 1 second. Then hit his tail 3 times.

Ganondorf (part 1) - the last boss in the game is actually quite simple. Make sure he is in between you and Zelda. When he is stunned, run up to him and slash him with your sword.

Part 2 - While Zelda is down, you must attack him with Parry’s. Wait for him to try to attack then Parry.

Part 3 - He will go down in 1 famous shot here. Talk to Zelda. She will aim at your shield. When she shoots, use your shield while targeting Ganondorf, then run up to him when he is stunned and hit A. Congrats, you are done the game!

User Info: faramir77

14 years ago#8
Picto Box
To get the Picto Box, you must first release Tingle from jail. Enter his cell and move the crate using R. There should be a hole in the wall. Hold R and crawl in. These are turns you must make to get to the Picto Box: right, left, straight, right, left, straight, left, right, right, straight, then right. Open the chest and you have the Picto Box!

Deluxe Picto Box
After getting the Picto Box, go visit Lenzo in his shop on Windfall. Go upstairs, and speak to Lenzo. He will send you on “missions”. For the first one, wait for the man in the red to come to the red post box in Windfall. Right as he is putting the mail in the box, take a picture. Make sure you took a full body picture, Lenzo is pretty picky. Bring it back to Lenzo. The second one you have to go to the café during the day. Ram against the wall and take a full body picture of the cowering man. Take that picture back to Lenzo. For the last one, wait outside of Lenzo’s shop. There should be a lady in orange near the entrance to the game room. When a man walks by and stops, and then they look at each other, snap a picture. Take that last picture back to Lenzo. Then warp to Forest Haven and catch a bright yellow bug in a bottle near were the Deku tree is. Take that to Lenzo, and he will give you the Deluxe Picto Box!

Magic Armor
The Magic Armor is item you obtain by trading multiple items. Go to the same guy who sold you your sail, and buy a town flower. Take it to Greatfish Isle (D2) and trade it with the Goron. He will give you a Sea Flower. Trade the Sea Flower with him, and he will give you an Exotic Flower. Take the Exotic Flower to Bomb Island (E6) and trade it for a Sickle Moon Flag. Go back to Windfall and talk to the parka guy. He will give you Magic Armor.

Cabana Deed
If you give Mrs. Marie in her classroom on Windfall Island 20 Joy Pendants, she will fork over the cabana deed. Go to sector E5 and show the Cabana Deed to the door (yes you heard me lol). That’s your own personal Cabana!

Heroes Charm
If you give Mrs. Marie in her classroom on Windfall Island 40 Joy Pendants, she will give you the Heroes Charm. To equip it, press start, then R. You should see it under where it shows your sword, shield, power bracelets, etc. Select it and press A. Then select equip. You can now see your opponents health when you L target it!

User Info: faramir77

14 years ago#9
Triforce Parts
After you finish the Wind Temple, you will need to find the 8 pieces of the Triforce of Courage. You first must find the Triforce charts, which must be deciphered in sector C3 for 398 rupees:

Chart 1 - sector E2, piece located in D2
Chart 2 - sector E5, piece located in A4
Chart 3 - sector E7, piece located in E3
Chart 4 - sector A5, B3, C7, D2, E6, F1, or G7 (look at your Ghost Ship Chart, see Items section), piece located in G2
Chart 5 - sector E1, piece located in F7
Chart 6 - sector G2, piece located in E4
Chart 7 - sector E3, piece located in A6
Chart 8 - sector A7, piece located in G4

After you get the chart deciphered by Tingle, go to the located places. A glowing spot should be in the water. Use your Grappling Hook to grab them up.

Second Quest
After you defeat the final boss, a short cut scene will play. Then it will ask if you want to start a new quest. In the second quest, Link keeps the pyjamas he had in the beginning (well actually his tunic is invisible), and Aryll has a red dress instead of a blue one. The Hylian text hat before just seemed like a bunch of gibbled “f’s” is now plain English, and you start out with the Deluxe Picto Box (if you got it in the last quest.

Last Words
Well, this could be the first sticky on the Wind Waker board. Hopefully, this will reduce the amount of annoying question topics. Thanks to everyone!

Ok, go ahead and post now. Ideas of anything I’m missing would help, and please try to keep this bumped!
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User Info: Mega_Matt

14 years ago#10
Well done. It explained a lot of stuff without being too long.
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