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  3. If you say no to the Great Healer, why would the world end anyway? (spoilers)

User Info: slk_23

11 months ago#1
This is how you get a non-standard game over at the beginning of the game:


Starting at 3:00, the Great Healer asks:

"Isaac, will you accept responsibility for the fate of the land?"

If you actually say no and you walk away, the game tells you:

"And so the world began drifting toward its fated destruction..."

But why would that be the case? The implication is that because Isaac didn't do anything, that allowed Saturos and Menardi to light all four of the Elemental Lighthouses. This is exactly what ended up happening anyway, and the world was saved. If Isaac's inaction led to all four of the lighthouses being lit, why would the world still wither away? The antagonists would still have gotten their way even if Isaac and his party had never opposed them. Is this just a plot hole? Could it have been resolved by simply not giving the player the option to refuse?
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User Info: LancetJades

11 months ago#2
Saturos and Menardi wouldn't have succeeded in lighting all four lighthouses themselves, probably for the same reasons as Agatio and Karst failed in Mars in TLA. And with only three lit, it would speed the world towards destruction even faster.

So I would say it still makes sense, just not for the reasons the game implies. Your logic assumes that they would be successful in their quest, especially without Isaac's influence.
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User Info: ThelegendofGS

10 months ago#3
Also the world would die in the release of alchemy without someone enough strong to defend it
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User Info: kirbserker

10 months ago#4
Would they be able to light the fourth lighthouse without your help? It was implied in the first conversation with them, Kraden, and the party that they couldn't.
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  3. If you say no to the Great Healer, why would the world end anyway? (spoilers)
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