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  3. Isaac's party was dumb for misunderstanding Saturos's exact words (spoilers)

User Info: slk_23

1 year ago#1
To be fair, the protagonists kind of deserved to have that happen to them after being so careless in interpreting Saturos's words:


Saturos uses this trope to his advantage in the end of Golden Sun. When Isaac's party confronts Saturos' party, Isaac's crew demands that Saturos hand Sheba over. Saturos says that if Isaac hands over the Shaman's Rod, Sheba won't be harmed. The rod is given over and Isaac's party complains that Saturos altered the deal. Menardi quips in by saying that they never actually said they would let Sheba go, but that they would not hurt her.


Saturos: "If you give us the Shaman's Rod, Sheba will not be harmed. Agreed?"

[The player answers "yes."]

Ivan: "The Shaman's Rod? If it means saving Sheba, I will give it to you."

Garet: "What? But Hammet gave that to you, Ivan!"

Menardi: "Don't you care what happens to Sheba?"

Saturos: "Then you will give us the rod!"

Menardi: "Well done, Saturos! We finally have the Shaman's Rod!"

Saturos: "Go get it, Felix!"

Felix: "Why me?"

Saturos: "To ensure your loyalty to us!"

Menardi: "Go on, Felix!"

[Isaac handed over the Shaman's Rod.]

Felix: "What should I do with the rod?"

Saturos: "Keep it safe!"

Menardi: "Where do you think you're going, Sheba?"

Mia: "We gave you the rod. Now, release Sheba!"

Saturos: "Whatever do you mean?"

Ivan: "You said you'd free Sheba if we gave you the rod."

Menardi: "Those were your terms."

Mia: "We gave you the rod, so release Sheba!"

Saturos: "You seem to have misunderstood. I said we wouldn't harm Sheba... but I never said we'd let her go!"

Garet: "You're altering the bargain?"

Menardi: "Ha ha! We can't help it if you misinterpreted Saturos's terms!"

Saturos and Menardi honestly have a pretty good point. Isaac and his party were definitely at fault for not catching that wording. I can't believe all of them missed that. They really should have been more careful about accepting that deal, so I can't exactly sympathize with them. I can't even say that Saturos was being clever; Isaac was just being dumb. Does anybody else here feel that the party was too easily duped into handing over the Shaman's Rod?
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User Info: Mediocre_Dunce

1 year ago#2
Sure, I guess. I mean, it's probably more that Saturos was being an a****** since he's a villain.
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User Info: McSwordy

1 year ago#3
I feel there are more variables to the situation. An immediate example that comes to mind: Saturos and Menardi are Proxian, so who's to say they don't have a strange accent?

User Info: chaos_belmont

1 year ago#4
Typical "good guy assume to much" situation.
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