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User Info: CrimsonFlash21

10 years ago#91
^ It's Jenna.
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User Info: tackletoffee

10 years ago#92
Oh yeah...
In Sol Sanctum...
Now I get it...
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User Info: LightGaia

10 years ago#93
If you are going to hard reset you should just go to suhalla and let the hellstorm to take you to Crossbone Isle Then save in front of the tornado, hard reset, Battle and then in the first turn use Bane with Isaac and Mist with Mia and have everyone else shield then next turn have everybody shield including Isaac and Mia then on the 3rd turn just use flint then go into the middle then leave and repeat you get 1700+ each time

User Info: ben_not_benny

10 years ago#94
You can kill the Tempest Lizard in as little as two turns at any level, if you have the Crystal Rod.

User Info: RyuKenshin

10 years ago#95
At higher levels you can kill him in one turn, but that's not the problem. The problem with the tempest lizard strategy, in my opinion, is that it takes far too long to get to the tempest lizard just to kill it and get the exp.
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User Info: drag0neer

10 years ago#96
Well... certainly not what I was expecting from a "Levelling Strategies FAQ". I was expecting the best Djinn combo to use for optimal stats, and stuff.
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User Info: LBoksha

10 years ago#97
Well, djinn don't really affect your base stats, which is what's being improved by leveling...
By the time gaining a level actually starts taking more than half a fight your party will be so overpowered you don't even have to bother with what stats are good and which aren't.
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User Info: dccthezan

10 years ago#98
*Posts in sticky*
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User Info: Skwidgit

9 years ago#99
A good method that also is a lot less boring is to equip the Lure Cap and just keep running the entire Venus lighthouse sequence - Starting at Babi lighthouse, going all the way through the ruins and Venus lighthouse with the lure cap, killing everything you encounter with Djinn including Saturos and Menardi (Killing them with mercury Djinn nets you an extra 1800 exp.) Overall, it takes about 30 minutes per run and you get about 20,000 exp. per go, and its not as boring as running around the same room for 10 hours. I don't know how it ranks in terms of effectiveness, but i think it is one of the greatest all-around leveling methods.

User Info: kulio321

9 years ago#100
it takes far too long to get to the tempest lizard just to kill it and get the exp.

Its much shorter if you use retreat after killing it, but maybe you already knew that.
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