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User Info: crazyforkillua

11 years ago#81
How long did it take you to write all of this?
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User Info: esquisofrenic

11 years ago#82
tahnk for that

User Info: CrimsonFlash21

11 years ago#83
I have found a RNG method to get that Grand Golem + 4 Bouler Beast party, which gives most XP for an enemy party. Save in the last room. Hard reset. Go down the stairs then immediately go back up. walk around til you battle. you should be facing said party with free attack round.
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User Info: XYZ_Jasper

10 years ago#84
^ That sounds like the most efficient way to gain Exp in Venus Lighthouse, since I think it was said before that that was the highest Exp party in the game.

Can somebody try playing for about 15 minutes doing that method (hard resetting over and over again) and trying the Crossbone Isle lizard method? I'm curious which gives more experience given the same amount of time (I'll probably do it if nobody else does).
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User Info: glowindadark

10 years ago#85
what i do is i just keep fightimg drone bees or cannibal ghouls and keep defending till they look for allies. a hard yet decent method.
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User Info: RyuKenshin

10 years ago#86
My biggest concern about that method to get a Grand Golem + 4 Boulder Beast method is that the time it takes to hard reset, boot up the file, and go up and down the stairs, I could fight at least 2 battles against other parties, making up what I could potentially earn if I were to go through the process of saving, turning off my GBA, turning back on, waiting to load, loading, going down the stairs, climbing back up... you get my point.
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User Info: Crunktastic

10 years ago#87
If you let the girl die when you're in the beginning of the game (her name eludes me at the moment) then you're not limited to level 5 and can build up.

User Info: CrimsonFlash21

10 years ago#88
My method is very reliable if you are doing a solo run (Ivan FTW), because you always know what attacks will be used against you, and even how much damage they will do. Fire Monk Ivan with Virtuous Armlet will kill the middle 3 Boulder Beasts with two Sonic Slashes (40 PP total, plus give him Mythril Circlet and Magical Cassock to give him back 5 PP per turn)My Ivan solo method goes:
Sonic Slash, Sonic Slash, attack BB4, attack GG, attack GG with Sonic Smash (Swift Sword).
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User Info: tackletoffee

10 years ago#89
If you let the girl die when you're in the beginning of the game (her name eludes me at the moment) then you're not limited to level 5 and can build up.

I believe her name is Jill isn't it, that is, if you are refering to the tree-girl who was pushed down by Saturos and co. who also nearly drowned. Sorry about the off-topic post...

User Info: Crunktastic

10 years ago#90
I can't get it to play on my psp for some reason, it keeps freezing while the town Psynergists are holding up the boulder or I'd know her name. But yeah, it starts with a J. It does amaze me, though, that nobody mentioned that she's the reason for the level cap before I did.
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