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User Info: RioKyo

6 years ago#111
Hmmm... this is neat. I'm probably going to use it when I play.

Thanks for the hard work ~

User Info: Masked-One

6 years ago#112
This is the one game where a player set on 100% completion may ponder whether or not to max level, as they could simply take this game's team to level 99 more quickly in TLA instead.

Then again, it's harder to max stat level in TLA... Ah, the struggles of a perfectionist. $_$
~ MO

User Info: misterbum

6 years ago#113
I'm always a perfectionist.
You became the boss. You are great.

User Info: JordanAMeyer

5 years ago#114
Great guide! I'm currently doing a new play-through of the game for the first time in a while, so I'll be sure to refer back to this once I get to Venus Lighthouse!

User Info: Nemesis347

4 years ago#115
I never want this to die

User Info: dj-izzle

3 years ago#116
What level do you recommend for Kolima Forest?

User Info: Nemesis347

2 years ago#117

User Info: Ogreatgames

1 year ago#119
Great info. You sure put a lot of effort to it. Thus this will come in handy.
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User Info: Nemesis347

1 year ago#120
My board
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