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User Info: HylianFox

9 years ago#101
Running around the first room of Venus Lighthouse with the Lure Cap takes approximately 45 Mins-1 Hour to level up all 4 characters. They are currently all at level 48.

User Info: HylianFox

9 years ago#102
oh, and I have just over 30 hours of total game time clocked in...

User Info: xx_slvrwolf_xx

9 years ago#103
When you go to crossbone isle, use douse to make the tornado lizard mad then kill it for 3000ish exp. Go into crossbone isle then come out and it will have respawned. Kill and repeat over and over. Pretty much unlimited exp and its not that hard.

User Info: Middleman93

9 years ago#104
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: titankratos

9 years ago#105
Dude, this is a great guide, thanks a bunch =]
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User Info: zodac_spear

9 years ago#106
zodac timeless post

User Info: SourlDieseL

9 years ago#107
great job
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User Info: Dagger_Kirby

7 years ago#109
Unleashing them on the enemy, yes.

I used to go in between all of the lizards in the Suhulla, but the lighthouse is good exp too. Would it be worth it to hard reset and fight Grand Golem + 4 Boulder Beasts every time, or just keep running around and fighting everything? With the RNG there's at least a couple of ways to fight GG + 4BB every time, easily.

User Info: Paladin_Luna

7 years ago#110
How many hours would it take to get to level 99?
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