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User Info: blackmagus5

9 years ago#1
Hey all; I normally like to plan out my characters ahead of time in these types of games, and I was curious as to what other people's opinions are on the best class for stat growth.

For spellcasters, cleric/lich are hands down the best. For females, siren also very high int growth but cleric is still better because of its slightly higher agility. For snapping purposes, you obviously aren't going to want to snap a precious lich, so a cleric is best (switched into another class like angel knight at the end so you get a good effect). I doubt there will be any debate here.

For melee/archer... I had initially concluded that the best class for melee was the knight, so I converted Alphonse to a knight as soon as I could and have kept him such for most of the game. As a side note, I still think that knight is hands down the best class for raising a STR snap from a human... though if you want a STR snap why not just use a mushus (for virtue weapon) /giant (your element weapon)?

Now, though, I'm starting to have second thoughts. Knights do have the best strength growth available, and their other stats are decent. However, I've noticed that while it seems fairly easy to increase HP/STR/INT through items, you cannot increase AGI as much (stone of swiftness adds 1 AGI while the other stat increasing items add 2; HP is even easier as it adds 5).

Furthermore, it seems a fairly simple thing to get extremely high levels of strength through snapping alone; for example, if you have 2 beasts/dragons snapped at level 50... that's easily 400+ STR right there (maybe even 500+ if you level them on high biorhythm days?). Because of the way snapdragon works, you won't get near as much agility (1/5 instead of 1/2), and from what I hear that agility is bugged to only work at evading attacks anyhow...

With all of this in mind, I'm thinking perhaps ninja is the best class to level Alphonse as? Their strength/HP gain is mediocre, but I'm thinking this is nothing that cup of lifes/sword emblems/snapdragons can't fix, and they have the best AGI growth. Still... I'm still partial to the knight's superior HP/STR growth... what do you guys think?

For reference, the average stat gains I'm looking at are here: http://www.tacticsogre.com/togclasses.htm
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User Info: karellan1978

9 years ago#2
The best class for leveling depends on what you're trying to do with the class. You can raise them as a knight for strength, but at level 50 you'll be very short on agility and have to make it up somehow (a crapload of stones of swiftness or a snapped ninja). As you've obviously noticed, all you have to do is look at the stat gains for each class and pick the one that's highest in the stat you want. The "balanced" classes like warlocks that have even stats across the board all suck, so there's no reason to do it any other way.

As for Alphonse, it's just about impossible to make him bad in a melee class. Swordmaster is best, all other things being equal.

User Info: bostoncelticsro

9 years ago#3
raise as a ninja , snap a fairy , untouchable
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  3. The best class(es) for leveling?
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