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The Rules(Added points from the previous version are in italics. Changed points are in bold as well):

1. This CYOA aims to follow the plot, at least loosely. So no newly created characters involved, no NPCs joining the party, etc. (maybe some exceptions can be allowed, but I'm mostly negative about that) One large exception will be noted in rule 8.
ADDENDUM: Due to a certain... huge and new twist happening in FE7 Ch28, there will be considerable changes and exceptions in this rule regarding the plot and available party members afterwards, especially in the FE6 part.

2. The title states 'Tales of Elibe'. Therefore I shall see to it that this CYOA goes from Lyn's modest start in the plains of Sacae(FE7) to the downfall of Zephiel's master plan(FE6). All chapters in both games will be touched upon, including sidequests. In FE7, chapter numbering will take on Hector Mode's numbers as default, with the few Eliwood Mode-exclusive chapters being numbered on their own.
ADDENDUM: While chapter geography, enemy positions and composition, etc. will be heavily influenced by the same map in the actual game, they will not be 100% identical. Therefore, I advise you to pay attention to the narrative, progress cautiously, and plan for a broad range of outcomes. Generous assumptions about future events simply based on the original game may come back to bite you in the behind otherwise...

3. Fads will be mostly excluded.

4. In-game statistics(base stats/growth rates/etc) will be mostly ignored. Character strengths will be solely decided on their powers as hinted in the plot and conversations. Classes are still as they are. In very few cases, changes to usable weapons might occur defying original game mechanics; take Lyn for an example.
ADDENDUM: The EXP/Level stat will see a bit of use here, however. Characters who see a lot of action will gradually, slowly grow in (plot) strength. Also regarding stat boosters, they will put a little oomph behind the character they are used on as well.

5. Don't be tied to in-game support options. Roy's mom could be any FE7 female character. Wolt's dad could be any male FE7 character. Make your own, customized A supports! (Of course, already married ones like Pent/Louise/Dorcas are not allowed).
ADDENDUM: I realize that it would be quite limited to actually implement full supports in the CYOA. Therefore, the system will go as follows:
- There are three levels of supports: S, A, and B.
- A person can attain 5 support ranks at maximum. So, that means 2 A ranks and 1 B rank, 1 A rank and 3 B ranks, or 5 B ranks max for all characters.
- Level S supports only occur with romantic supports. Their rank value is the same as A rank(2 units), but the 'bonuses' will be much larger; refer to Rule 6 addendum #1.
- Characters who are confirmed to have children will only be able to build supports while leaving room for an S support. For example, Eliwood cannot get 4 non-romantic B supports at once.
ADDENDUM: Even though supports here won't be tied to actual in-game support options, they will still remain consulted as a 'driving force' of sorts between characters. In other words, character pairs with supports are considered having an affinity to each other(even stronger if the original game features an ending for the pair), so it will be easier to pair them off. So... if you want something like, say, Heath x Rebecca... While it's possible, you'd better work real hard to make that happen, since she has four suitors who are ahead of him!
ADDENDUM: Supports can and will have effects on the participants besides added survivability(and to their children, if applicable). Sometimes MAJORLY. Exactly what effects, you may ask? Well, that's for you to find out! :D
Link meets Fire Emblem in CYOA: Tales of Elibe! Come read, and find out what happens! Click below!
Distant_Rainbow 3 years ago#2
6. Character deaths can and will happen depending on your choices. This will happen randomly without warning according to your choices, so choose carefully! However, lords / characters needed to recruit other characters later on / characters who are parents of FE6 characters(FE7) / characters who have S supported aforementioned characters(thus becoming a parent themselves, FE7) / characters who appear(or are mentioned) themselves in FE6(FE7) will NOT be killed. So, in FE7, killing Bartre? Impossible. Killing Dorcas? Yes, if you vote for it. Killing Guy? Yes, as long as he didn't S support someone else with future kids(like Rebecca or Nino) and you vote for it.
ADDENDUM: Even when the support partner is not a character with future kids, the very existence of a support will reduce chances of death, as well as slightly increase chances of returning in FE6. For instance, say you did a Legault x Jaffar B support. This would result in Legault and Jaffar not getting killed easily.
ADDENDUM: 'Will not be killed' does not mean you can throw said characters pell-mell into peril without any repercussions. Bad things are guaranteed if a plot-immune character gets in a situation where an un-immune character would have died; try to avoid bad decisions as usual!

7. Regarding character promotions, the following rules will be used.
- The only way to promote is by utilizing the appropriate promotion item for the class. PoR/RD-style promotions(auto-promote upon leveling up from Lv 20) are NOT implemented.
- To compensate for the above clause, amount of potential promotion items will be increased. I won't be 'showering you' in promotion items, but over the course of the entire game there will be enough promotion items to promote everyone save very few people(if you find all of them). You read that right. Everyone, except maybe three or so people.
- When and where the newly added promotion items will be, however, won't be disclosed in advance. A good hint though, is that promotion items that were in the original game will not be moved about unless some overshadowing plot reason occurs.
- Promotion items cannot be sold for gold. If you want to get rid of them without using them for some reason, your only option is to chuck them away.
- Ocean Seals do not exist. Hero Crests will serve the role of Ocean Seals in promoting Pirates. For consistency with FE6.
- General EXP gain by the characters during battle will be slightly pushed up to compensate for the fact that every character is being used.
- Notices will be given when unpromoted characters start nearing the Lv 20 mark. Another notice will be given when the character actually hits Lv 20. These announcements will be made by Nils in lieu of Battle Preparations, but he won't always be able to make these observations before every single chapter, so you have to pay some attention yourself..
- Even when notices haven't been given, you may promote characters right away if you so wish. Whether a certain character has reached promote-able levels will be revealed on inquiry. However, promoting too early(read: before notices are given) will have short-term benefits but will be detrimental in the long-term.
- Promotion items can be given to characters pre-battle. Choosing the recipient must be decided upon by vote. Whenever such votes are eligible, (Distribute promotion items) will be added to the end of that story part's vote. Said character can then use his held promotion item when you see fit during that chapter, even immediately upon receiving it(at every vote choice, you may add a sentence to have the character use his held item now. However, character must be at close proximity to the tactician at said time for vote to count). If the item is not used, its bearer will retain the item on his/her person. This fact will not be reiterated nor reminded, so pay special attention in case you want to promote several characters who need the same promotion item at similar timeframes.
Link meets Fire Emblem in CYOA: Tales of Elibe! Come read, and find out what happens! Click below!
Distant_Rainbow 3 years ago#3
8. Characters who managed to survive the FE7 part have a high chance of returning in the FE6 part! Such added characters may have an added twist to the plot. (Of course, characters confirmed dead at the end of FE7/start of FE6, like Canas and Athos, are excluded) Don't expect every single survivor to return, though...

9. Each user will be able to vote only once per question.
ADDENDUM: Make sure your vote choice is clear by denoting its alphabet symbol, and voting for several choices at once is not allowed. In other words, ambiguous/vague votes(examples: A and D, C then B, 'the one where Lyn whacks the boss with her axe', etc) will not be counted.

10. Do not add your own answer, unless I state that you can for that question. When user-inspired answers are eligible for the question, the last choice for the question will be in parentheses, with something like 'Make your own choice!' And even then, your answer is also subject to the voting. Bear in mind that if it is not consistent with the plot or fad-heavy, it shall be ignored.

11. Oh, by the way, you'll assume your role as the tactician. And no, you can't kill yourself off, either >_>

Rules may be added/changed as needed as the CYOA progresses.

Current Character Situation:
Raven - Rebecca (S)
Pent - Louise (S)
Erk - Priscilla (S)
Eliwood - Ninian (S)
Bartre - Karla (S)
Kent - Fiora (S)
Rath - Farina (S)
Hector - Lyn (S)
Jaffar - Nino (S)
Kent - Marcus (A)
Fiora - Farina (A)
Harken - Marcus (A)
Canas - Pent (A)
Eliwood - Hector (B)
Raven - Priscilla (B)
Hector - Oswin (B)
Raven - Lucius (B)
Eliwood - Marcus (B)
Erk - Canas (B)
Eliwood - Lyn (B)
Bartre - Guy (B)
Karel - Karla (B)
Legault - Nino (B)
Erk - Raven (B)
Erk - Nino (B)
Bartre - Canas (B)
Harken - Kent (B)
Jaffar - Legault (B)
Rebecca - Louise (B)
Lucius - Priscilla (B)
Heath - Legault (B)

Stat-boosters and bonuses obtained:
Lyn(LMPB, Energy Ring, +Axes)
Erk(LMPB, +Light Magic)
Rebecca(Energy Ring, +Swords)
Bartre(Secret Book)
Canas(Goddess Icon, +Anima Magic)
Rath(Afa's Drops)
Farina(Body Ring)
Pent(+Dark Magic)
* LMPB: Lyn Mode Plot Boost

Promoted characters:

Character Deaths:
Lowen - Chapter 14
Wil - Chapter 17
Dorcas - Chapter 19
Matthew - Chapter 23x
Isadora - Chapter 26
Sain - Chapter 26
Wallace - Chapter 29
Serra - Chapter 29
Florina - Chapter 29
Dart - Chapter 31

Current Inventory:
Promotion Items:
2x Earth Seal


An Idea Is Born: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/54220505

Part I: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/54525699
Part II: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/60388121
Part III: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/65106793
Part IV: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/67479265
Part V: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/70591419
Part VI: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/72816599
Part VII: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/73284974
Part VIII: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/73913200
Part IX: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/74320863
Part X: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/74841835
Part XI: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/75581177
Part XII: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/468480-fire-emblem/76125431

Make sure to track this topic so you get your updates ASAP!
Link meets Fire Emblem in CYOA: Tales of Elibe! Come read, and find out what happens! Click below!
Distant_Rainbow 3 years ago#4
Archival prevention bump, just in case...
Link meets Fire Emblem in CYOA: Tales of Elibe! Come read, and find out what happens! Click below!
(message deleted)
Distant_Rainbow 3 years ago#6
LukeSkyvvalker posted...

^^Does that affect this at all?

I never trust having the Internet store my data. Need to have the actual files on my person somewhere.

As it happens, every installment of the story so far, plus additional data, is saved on 17 document files on my person, and in duplicate(both on my computer and my external hard drive).

I wouldn't worry.

That said, I don't see any reason to be alarmed unless the admin comes out and announces that he's getting rid of the archives. Nothing's official.

Also, AFAIK the archival system was newly implemented in 2008 in the first place, in which case that post is laughable due to ignorance on its poster's part; of course no posts from 2007 and before would be archived unless its parent topic persisted past the implementation of this system, or they were on a stickied topic that got de-stickied afterwards.

Anyway, if the archives do get whacked, I can just migrate everything to fanfiction.net, leaving only the active topic for recent installments/votes here. In fact, I was thinking of doing so once the FE7 part gets finished, upload the first story there.

Of course, the FE6 parts won't get uploaded there until that part gets finished too, which will take a long, long time. Which means nobody's going to be able to vote there. If anyone stumbled upon the FE7 part there and wished to join in the voting and fun of the FE6 part, they'll have to come here. I'll only use that site for uploading finished, unchangeable portions of the story.
Link meets Fire Emblem in CYOA: Tales of Elibe! Come read, and find out what happens! Click below!
Distant_Rainbow 3 years ago#7
Choice taken: E
Team splits:
Fight Limstella - Link, Rath, Farina, Fiora, Rebecca, Raven, Lucius, Nils, (half of Black Fang, per Lloyd's choice)
Attack crystals - Bartre, Karla, Marcus, Harken, (request Lloyd to contribute a couple of axemen)
Fight morph reinforcements - Erk, Priscilla, Eliwood, Kent, (half of Black Fang, per Lloyd's choice)

'We must take care of all facets of this fight!' You continue. 'Bartre, Marcus, Harken, take those crystals down at once, and mind the counterattacks! Karla, keep an eye on those three and defend them when necessary! Eliwood, Kent, Erk, Priscilla, keep those morphs at bay so they don't interfere with the others! The rest of you, follow me, we'll deal with Limstella herself!'
Right away, your companions start to disperse per your instructions.
'Lloyd!' You quickly add. 'Spare us a couple of axemen, we need to demolish those crystals right this instant!'
'Very well! Sid, Norman!' Lloyd commands. 'Assist our allies in breaking those crystals! Be wary of their counters, whatever they might be!'
'The rest of your men, I leave to your decision, Lloyd!' You shout as two of the Black Fang detach from their comrades to join the four heading for the crystals.
'My Fang brothers, you heard him! To arms!' Lloyd roars while pulling out two swords, a long, blue one in his right, a thicker, broader red one in his left. 'Ursula, you would be more familiar with this foe, I defer to you for our Fangs' placement!'
'You six, spread out and deal with whatever comes out of those portals!' Ursula swiftly orders at the rearmost Fangs. 'The rest of you, join me and the Wolf, your target is that witch!'
With that, she and Lloyd start charging as well, covered by three of their followers. However, you and your own comrades are already near Limstella...

The first ones on the threshold are you and Raven. Swords at the ready, both of you lunge forth at the morph, but Limstella swiftly conjures a large shield, seemingly made of golden, pulsating electricity, which she uses to block your own attack while sidestepping Raven's. Then, with the kind of agility you didn't expect from her, jams her energy shield right into Raven's face.
'Aaagh!' He cries out in surprise and pain. Thoroughly zapped, Raven staggers a few steps back in a daze.
She hasn't forgotten you, either. With her right hand, which had been gathering a multicolored ball of energy, Limstella fires a giant stream of magic, straight at Epona. Your horse goes into a full panic, kicking and bounding like mad from the pain, sending you flying. As she retreats a fair distance away from the enemy, you tumble a ways until you finally stop against a rock, smarting all over. Having smacked Raven away with what appears like a bar of white energy, Limstella quickly follows up by hurling said bar at you, which hits you, spreads and immediately solidifies, encasing you in ice and thus freezing you against the rock.
Before Limstella could properly try to finish either of you off, though, a couple of spears and arrows each hurtle towards her. She immediately reacts, spinning in place and summoning what appears to be a barrier of flame around her, which persists only for a few moments but still manages to incinerate all four projectiles as they hit it while it's active. Her fiery orange eyes focus on her assailants: the pegasus sisters and the two archers. In response, she conjures what appears to be a huge cone of sky-blue energy and throws it. The projectile squarely hits Fiora, causing her to fall down with her steed, landing hard with a heavy flop.
You do have the numbers' advantage here, Limstella can't focus on finishing Fiora off as Rath, Farina, Rebecca and a now-back-to-his-senses Raven assault her anew all at once, while Lucius quickly heads off to heal Fiora with Nils tagging along to assist. Possibly we could wear her down if we persist like this...
Link meets Fire Emblem in CYOA: Tales of Elibe! Come read, and find out what happens! Click below!
Distant_Rainbow 3 years ago#8
Suddenly, having suffered a few blows from your companions, Limstella spins in place and disappears. Reappearing a few yards away, she raises her hand to conjure a globe of flame, then flings it at the spot where she was originally standing.
The fireball explodes with surprising strength, blasting all four of your friends away. They end up sprawled over on the ground, stunned and trying futilely to get their bearings back. Rath, however, is lying limp and prone; the blow must have knocked him out cold.
At that moment, Lloyd enters the fray, with his Fangs behind him. Without any further ado, he and his underlings rush the morph sorcerer, while Ursula stays behind and begins to snipe the target with bolts of magic. In response, Limstella unleashes steady streams of fiery and icy energy in an attempt to deter them, which proves to be very effective in stopping the Fangs from directly attacking her, as they eventually beat a retreat due to not being able to withstand Limstella's pure, raw magical power for long. However, Lloyd perseveres through the horrific magical attacks, managing to make it to her and beginning to slash her. Limstella responds by blocking several of his attacks with that energy shield of hers while trying to direct her attacks at Lloyd. It's not going well for her though, as Lloyd is very fast and now, up front, even Limstella with all her augmentations is having trouble reacting to his speed. Pretty soon open welts and wounds, inflicted by Lloyd's dual swords, start to appear across Limstella's body despite the healing energy beams from her crystals...

'...ENOUGH!' Limstella suddenly shrieks. With a rapid movement of her free hand, she seemingly grabs the rim of the yellow energy shield she was using so far, then proceeds to pull it apart in one swift motion. The shield gets dispelled as a result... but not before unleashing its power in what appears to be a shockwave. The effects seem to weaken with distance; you, your friends and the Fang commandos just suffer what appears to be minimal or acceptable amounts of damage. Lloyd, however, who was on top of the morph... gets hit point-blank. Subjected to the full force of the attack, Lloyd wobbles and stumbles back, stunned and hurt. Limstella takes the opportunity to quickly summon what appears to be a shaft made of pure flame... then stabs it deep into Lloyd's stomach, impaling him.
'Gah!' Lloyd's cry is one of agony as he doubles over from the blow, the fiery shaft still embedded in his body. Limstella takes the opportunity to wind up, then she punches the man, her fist enveloped in what appears to be sky-blue lightning bolts. The magically-augmented impact sends him flying, and he tumbles to a rest near you, still trying to free yourself from your icy prison. His swords follow suit, clattering to a halt near him.
'Fortify!' Ursula crows at that moment, raising a golden staff tipped with a huge ruby. It rapidly glows bright several times, then a giant, sky-blue sphere of energy explodes out of it, bathing all of her allies nearby with blue light.
'Wow!' You exclaim, noticing what wounds you and any of your nearby friends had rapidly mending themselves. Even the few Black Fang who got blasted away by Limstella and were near death quickly recover and rise to their feet.
In the meantime, a familiar piece of paper flutters past you. The chime that usually accompanies it must have gone unheard over the din of battle. Not able to move your body to catch it, you twist your head around and just barely catch the drawings on it; fireball and triple orbs.
Link meets Fire Emblem in CYOA: Tales of Elibe! Come read, and find out what happens! Click below!
(edited 3 years ago)
Distant_Rainbow 3 years ago#9
'HMM, THAT SPELL...' Limstella notes the mass-healing magic Ursula just cast, gazing at the sorceress with narrowed eyes as she now proceeds to dispel the bar of flame that was penetrating Lloyd's body so he could heal properly. 'THAT COULD BE A PROBLEM... IT IS FORTUNATE FOR ME, AND UNLUCKY FOR YOU, THAT THE STAFF WILL NOT LAST YOU INDEFINITELY, HOWEVER.'
Suddenly, she raises both of her hands. With a low, moaning howl, a great tornado of ice-cold energy forms over the area, which begins to apply freezing damage to everyone close by. Not only that, but the tornado soon envelops itself with angry lightning bolts, which start to randomly zap your companions at the same time...
'Tactician Link!' Ursula yells as your friends, Lloyd, and his Fangs begin to disperse in an effort to avoid the attacks while approaching Limstella, who has now begun to fling fireballs at them as well now that she has finished summoning that blizzard/lightning storm combo. 'This staff may be powerful, but it doesn't have a lot of charges! I cannot keep the monster's damage at bay forever! Finish her off as quickly as you can!'
Right, good things don't last... ugh. You grumble to yourself as you finally manage to extricate yourself from the ice spell that held you. What to do? As you had feared, Limstella's might easily eclipses Sonia's and more. At least her whole attention seems to be fixed on those of you directly attacking her, so your friends dealing with her morphs and her crystals might be comparatively better off while doing their jobs... But you can't see how you can keep persisting against her attacks, let alone actually finish her off, considering the kind of magical power she is unloading on you. You don't think her magic will have a limit, and even if it does, it surely won't be depleted before Ursula exhausts that super-healing staff of hers. But blindly rushing her is only going to get you fried, frozen, zapped and everything in between. What to do?

'Whoa there, that sure is some spicy meatball!' A new voice suddenly rips through the air, interrupting your thoughts. 'Well, now the full gang's here, time to teach that Limstella or whatever her name is some manners!'
Whuh? You jerk your head around in confusion, and soon break into a grin as you realize who said those words; it's Hector, the group which went south has finally arrived!
'Hang in there, everyone!' Lyn is shouting. 'We'll get you out of this, in one piece! Limstella, you're going down!'
You look more closely to see Lyn and Hector spearheading the charge, and a fair distance behind them you can see the others swarming up behind their leaders. They're still pretty far away, so you can't tell if everyone's safe, but judging from the size of the group they seem to be a dozen or thereabouts, which seems to mean they all got through in one piece. There does seem to be someone in their midst that you don't recognize, though...
'...MORE PLAYERS ENTERING THE FRAY... AS EXPECTED. ALLOW ME TO COMMIT SOME SURPRISES OF MY OWN, THEN...' Limstella says. Suddenly, pausing her spellcasting, she lifts her hands high to the sky, in a seemingly praying stance. 'MASTER, THE TIME HAS COME. I BESEECH THEE, BESTOW THY GIFT UPON THEM... THE TWO MOST RECENT OUT OF THEIR NUMBER SHALL DO.'
With that, she chants to herself. Suddenly, three of those eerie green vortexes open up above her. With a low moan, a dark figure drops from each of them. Or more like, two drop from them, as the third is airborne. Wait a minute... two most recent... Is that...
With a sudden crackle, the icy tornado in the background gives out a series of lightning flashes in the midst of attacking your allies. The sudden bursts of light illuminate the newly summoned morphs... and allow you to stare into two more familiar figures, one with a head of the palest lavender hair, nearly bleached-white, sitting atop a demonic, black pegasus with red eyes, and a bare-chested behemoth gripping a large, crude axe... Familiar figures who have departed barely over a week ago...
Link meets Fire Emblem in CYOA: Tales of Elibe! Come read, and find out what happens! Click below!
Distant_Rainbow 3 years ago#10
'Flo... Florina!...' Fiora, who has been battling her way back since getting healed by Lucius and Ursula, gasps in surprise, her eyes bulging. 'You...'
'Dan?!' Rebecca, who has been shooting away at Limstella beside you, gasps as well. 'No, no...
'Come, sister, join us in death, and be reborn in the glorious service of Lord Nergal.' The horrific abominations intone. Somehow, over the din of battle, their voices are clearly heard, probably through some magic trick. 'Come, sister, join us in death...'
Well, you kind of expected it, and Nergal's magic does seem to have done a number on them, Dart(or Dan? Gah, this isn't easy getting used to... you decide to stick to 'Dart' for familiarity's sake) didn't have that much muscle mass in life, and you don't think that black pegasus the fake Florina is riding is ordinary. They probably have some more nasty surprises at hand...
'GUARD ME.' Limstella orders, as more morphs drop out of the new vortexes. 'I NEED TIME TO ATTEND TO THE CRYSTALS' DEFENSES.'
Indeed, checking in the direction of the crystals upon hearing her words shows that one of them has indeed been destroyed by the team you sent thereabouts. She swiftly glides over in their direction, launching a volley of electric orbs in attack. Most of them pile on your allies, blasting Marcus and the Fangs away while the other three barely stand their ground, but a few of them strike the crystals, considerably repairing them in the process, as you had seen from the fight with Sonia. With Limstella now personally taking a hand in the crystals' defense, your teammates beat a retreat for the time being, unable to concentrate on the task with her fearsome attacks nearby.
Your companions hereabouts make another attempt at a push, but the morphs appearing from the new vortexes manage to stop their advance, aided by the huge ice-and-lightning storm Limstella conjured. Oddly enough, 'Dart' and 'Florina' are staying put at Limstella's original position, coldly surveying the fight with their creepy golden eyes. It's as if they're waiting for... something. You have no idea what it is. But it does seem that their eyes are tracking those who were their sisters in life, at the moment. And they are currently barring the way for Lloyd and the others to advance toward Limstella and the crystals...
Link meets Fire Emblem in CYOA: Tales of Elibe! Come read, and find out what happens! Click below!
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