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User Info: BlockAddition

4 months ago#1
A tip for you guys, it's about moving about in Liberty City. Unlike San Andreas or Vice City, it isn't as big, so it'll be easier. Get familiar with the routes in the beginning so you won't have trouble later on in Story Mode. Just a little advice from a veteran.

User Info: Xombie_Slaya

4 months ago#2
Well techincailly Liberty and Vice City are about the same size, and if you think about it taking out the useless beach minus 1 submission VC is actually smaller, but this is good advice.
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User Info: E BOMB

4 months ago#3
gta 3 is tougher no doubt. no map ! if you play the original version. vc is all north and south and you can pause to plan your route any time. san andreas and the other games are obviously a different story.
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