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User Info: Klaydoggy

1 year ago#1
Horning is a thing, right?

I miss you all.

User Info: FishOfPain

1 year ago#2
I still think back sometimes... Had a different name then, had to change it when GFAQs decided they wanted to rid the board usernames of spaces.

Anyone remember the Mr. Truck rumor? I just remember the user starting that rumor and sharing the screenshots had some really pimped-up TV with the TV itself being pretty old but covered in stickers.
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User Info: MunKy321

1 year ago#3
Going off of your accounts I can definitely say that this won't completely apply to you guys, as you guys had most likely been here waaaaaay before, but you could always visit the board's archives and take a whiff of that sweet, homemade slice of nostalgic pie! Or at least take a whiff of a whiff...

I've definitely come across the two of you throughout the ten or so years I've been irregularly visiting and uncommonly posting in this board and have seen multiple horny horning topics floating about, but I ain't old enough to recall its origin, nor old enough to remember anything about the Mr. Truck rumor.

It is, though, undoubtedly nice for me to see people recollecting a fond time in their younger years, even if I wasn't around for that, so go on ahead, ya geezers; I'm all ears!
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User Info: BaronPraxis8492

1 year ago#4
Anyone remember planepics? Does anyone still have those?
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