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Cactuar 10 months ago#1
I took only a few steps in and everyone got blown up and died >< my highest level is Balthier at level 60. I figure 60 would be high enough but I’m still getting rocked hard in here
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GoukiAkujiki 10 months ago#2
Levels don’t matter. You need equipment, abilities, and strategy. It’s not hard to survive in there at way lower levels.
GoukiAkujiki 10 months ago#3
You can instant kill Baknamy with Nihopaloa and Phoenix Down. They are programmed to swarm the entrances.
sporefrog08 8 months ago#4
what about level 1?:

mcentral8g 8 months ago#5
I just arrived Necrohol, I'm lvl 38. It's hard but not impossible. You should have a white mage spamming cura everytime someone has <50% health plus a black/time/red mage taking advantage of weaknesses while the 3rd character acts as a decoy/tank. My party is:

Ashe: White mage
Penelo: Black/red mage
Basch: Tank

With this set of characters I am barely having any trouble at all during the whole game
SchlossRitter 4 months ago#6
Topic necro here but eh appropriate. I'm reminded that this place can be challenging for newer players no matter their party power level mainly because the common mobs like to spam abilities that injure based on a percentage of max HP. Even the Bubble status isn't that helpful because that's just more HP loss and amount to heal. Even worse in the original version, those attack effects they use clog the spell queue meaning your heals will get delayed as well. Annoying little pikers.
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  3. Necrohol recommended level?
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