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User Info: slk_23

2 months ago#1


As other people have pointed out before me, Valkyria Chronicles is a thematically very similar game to FFXII. It is available on the PS3, but has been ported to Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Basically, both games involve a political setting where two warring giants are in a struggle over magical rocks and a small neutral nation is caught in the middle. As the underdogs, you have to defeat the tyrannical leader of the invading empire. Also, both games have music composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, so the similarities are probably intentional. If you like one game, it's quite likely you'll enjoy the other. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.
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User Info: AsIfByMagic

2 months ago#2
Huh? They're completely different genre of games, and Valkyria Chronicles's setting is closer to World War I than Final Fantasy.

User Info: Fallacia

1 month ago#3
I can see what OP meant by the thematic similarities, especially with regard to the politics and intrigue, but there's definitely a genre gap. Considering the mix of medieval fantasy, industrial era weaponry, and steampunk technology in XII though, I suppose I could see how one could make the connection. I personally love both games though, so if someone doesn't mind a WWI-ish style military themed SRPG with fantasy elements in a fictional world that vaguely mirrors early 1900s europe, Valkyria Chronicles is definitely worth a try.

There might be a little more crossover from those like me who really enjoyed FFT and similar games than just those who enjoy FF in general or FFXII in particular.
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  3. Check out a similar PS3 game 'Valkyria Chronicles' if you like Final Fantasy XII
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