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User Info: RenFern

5 months ago#1
Have you trigger all 8 Concurrences during Quickenings in Final Fantasy XII?

Yes I did but its very hard to attain all 8 Concurrences. My technique to perform this difficult Concurrences is to go near the Save Gate Crystal in Tchita Uplands. It will replinish the mist ability of all characters after performing any concurrences. Successfully trigger all 8 Concurrences, it will unlock Gabranth - Mist Walker in Clan Primer - Sky Pirate's Den Achievements.
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User Info: sano83

3 months ago#2
Yes, I dont consider a playthrough finish if I dont fill the Sky Pirate`s Den, and I did several runs of the game, so I did it several times.
It is very annoying to do, though.
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User Info: Philip027

3 months ago#3
Yeah I did it. It wasn't super easy to get some of the higher tier ones, but it wasn't THAT hard either. Didn't take me more than a couple hours.

User Info: MarkDeHyperion

3 months ago#4
I did. It wasn't that hard once I looked up a simple trick of turning the controller and a few tips on some. Got them all a couple of hours later that day
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User Info: Relinquished

2 months ago#5
IDK why they decided to make White Out (ice) harder to get than the others...but they did.
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