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  3. I'm starting to lose interest in Hiroyuki Ito directing FFXV.

User Info: 1Truth

6 years ago#1
The more I play FFXII, the more I realise how perfect it is. There is little reason for Hiroyuki Ito to return to the FF series when he has already achieved perfection with this IP. IMO, he should just stick with Guardian Cross and try and make it a huge and successful new IP for Squenix along side FF, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.

Just like Yasumi Matsuno will never return to the FF series, I'm beginning to accept that possibility happening with Hiroyuki Ito. I think Yoichi Wada moved him off the FF series to make new IPs. Guardian Cross is his first series Hiroyuki Ito has made since he joined the company back in 1987 and I wish him the best of success with it. From what I've seen, the game has become really popular. The board for the game has been the No. 1 on the iPhone section of this website since the game was released back in September 2012.

Hiroyuki Ito may never return to the FF series, but his talents are leading to Guardian Cross becoming Squenix's biggest new IP since Kingdom Hearts.

User Info: ValorZrayk

6 years ago#2
I've seen this post on other boards....
Kingdom Hearts: 3D>BbS>Days>1>Coded>ReCOM>2 >CoM
Final Fantasy: 10>7>12>4>1>2>10-2

User Info: DrLight66

6 years ago#3
It doesn't matter who directs, Square has gone to hell ever since Hironobu Sakaguchi left and FFXII, XIII and the laughable XIV are proof of that. Can't we all just admit that the FF series is just a walking corpse at this point with not a glimmer of hope of any future games being at least somewhat decent?

User Info: evoxpisces

6 years ago#4
TC, you say you're losing interest in Hiroyuki Ito directing FFXV "because he already reached perfection with FFXII"? Well from what I understand he also directed FFVI and FFIX, both of which I consider masterpieces. I do agree FFXII is a masterpiece as well, but I say let him direct FFXV. I hope he does actually. I forget who directed FFXIII but I hope he/she doesn't return. If that's true then we are fine.
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  3. I'm starting to lose interest in Hiroyuki Ito directing FFXV.
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