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User Info: leetps2

11 years ago#1
What's the earliest you can get it and how do you get it? Any guide or something?

also on a side note any especially good weapons or armors you can get early, i want to make the game easy


User Info: skaski

11 years ago#2
You're looking for the Power Walkthrough @ http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/459841/46170.
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User Info: rikkuster26

11 years ago#3
If you're just playin through the story, once you reach the Salikawood you can enter the Necrohol of Nabudis and get the spear, but you need to be careful since you probably won't be very strong.
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User Info: Hanakage

11 years ago#4
You go into the Necrohol, you're already dead. The stuff in there hits like a mile of bad road and the Baknamy could teach rushing to a Zerg. You'll be fighting one or two and four more will just appear, and they have a huge aggro range.

If you insist on this, run like Satan himself is after you. If you stop, you will die.
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User Info: MusashiExtra

11 years ago#5
Well, that's obvious. Keep only one character in your party at all times. Don't bother fleeing if the enemy is close to you. Just keep running. Fleeing makes you stop for a second, so you'll get hit if the enemy is too close. Gambits OFF. Bubble and Float yourself, 'cause there's lots of traps. Whenever you're not being followed by monsters, resurrect your characters.
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User Info: Hanakage

11 years ago#6
Obvious to us, perhaps, maybe not to the topic creator. Be absolutely certain of yourself before you do this; the Necrohol is the nastiest zone in the game. As other have said, take every precaution you can. And, of course, make sure you haven't opened the four 'forbidden chests':

1. The treasure chest in Lowtown, outside of Old Dalan's place
2. The chests in the Cellar when when sneaking into the palace.
3. All treasure chests in the Confiscatory in Nalbina Fortess
4. The 16 chests all near each other in the Phon Coast

or you won't get it at all.

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User Info: Xavier75

11 years ago#7
You can run for the ZS as early as after the tomb of raithwall, when travelling across ozmone plain to the land of the garif becomes your next objective; it is then that the dalmascan estersand ferry begins to work(the sick traveler quest is interwoven with this), granting you access to the necrohol via saliakwood and mosphoran highwaste. You will have to contend with some higher level baddies and the bomb king as well.

But it really isn't that hard to run for the spear. Just know the map well and don't panic.

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User Info: Vydden

11 years ago#8
"the Necrohol is the nastiest zone in the game."

I think The Great Crystal is far worse.
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User Info: tbird98

11 years ago#9
Henne mines is worse then great crystal. :p

The earliest is after Tomb of Raithwall
You have to go to nalbina and do a little side quest which you can find in a FAQ, and then you should flee your way to the center of Mosphoran Highwaste, get ot the teleport crystal, and save. Then you have to flee to the save crystal in the Salikawood, once you get there I recommend doing ever available hunt so you can buy a Nihipaloa (and you will have Larsa in your party)
Then go to Mosphoran Highwaste and buy as many remedies as you can, your going to need them for King Bomb.

Either make sure you have a good healer, lots of potions, or 3 ranged weapons.
Teleport to Salikawood and go through the exit right next to the crystal and you'll start a fight with King Bomb, what you should do is use equip a Nihipaloa to someone on your team and immediately use a remedy on King Bomb and his partner, then use either a pheonix down on the bombs or some other way to kill/remove them.
Then just either equip everyone with bows/guns or equip one person with a strong bow/gun and set gambits for some curing.
Using a Nihipaloa + Remedy on King Bomb gives him many statuses (Desease, Immobolize, Slow?, Sap?, and a few others IIRC)
So, he can still attack you, but only if your withen physical attack distance (when your up in his face poking him)
Disease will make it seem like he's not taking damage, but it keeps him from healing himself because instead of lowering his HP, your lowering his Max HP, so he's always at Max HP, it's just his Max HP goes down when you attack.
If you don't kill him fast enough and some of the statuses wear off, equip the Nihipaloa again and use another remedy on him.

Once you beat him, go back and save.
Switch everyone out but one person, and hold R2 from now until you get the spear.
Go back to were you fought King Bomb and then take the left, find your way to the Necrohol of Nabudis, then either cast libra or float on who your using, (if you don't have either, stay closer to walls and take wider turns)
If anyone dies, revive them whenever you have the chance, but if you take direct paths with little turning, you shouldn't get attacked very often, if at all.

User Info: Hanakage

11 years ago#10
Top three. Grant me that at least.

The point remains that the place is a nightmare wrapped in a terror and, if you're going to go there, be damn sure you're prepared.
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