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User Info: CDawgMSM

6 years ago#321
Soulidarity posted...
B. Area by area help with common trouble spots (there are spoilers in this section)
1. Rabanastre/Garamsythe Waterway
a. Getting Ghosts to appear for the bestiary
b. What to do with the Dusty Letter
c. What to do with the Fragments
d. How to get the Sluice Gate Key
e. How to find White Mousse
f. How to find Orthros and spawn him
g. Getting to Cuchulainn
h. Defeating Cuchulainn
2. Estersands/Barheim Passage
a. Getting back into Barheim Passage
b. The Cactus Flower
3. Westersands
a. Getting a sandstorm
4. Giza Plains
a. Changing the weather (rain vs. dry)
b. Spawning Cluckatrice
c. Getting to and spawning Gil Snapper
5. Lhusu Mines
a. Surviving the battle against 4 bangaa
b. Locating the Site 11 key
6. Raithwall's Tomb/Sandsea
a. Defeating Garuda
b. Defeating the Demon Wall
7. Henne Mines
a. Entering from Feywood (the mine cart)
b. Accessing the Secret Area
c. Defeating Zodiark
8. Paramina Rift
a. Spawning Fafnir
b. Getting a blizzard
c. Spawning Trickster
9. Stillshrine of Miriam
a. Getting past the giant sword
b. Defeating Mateus
c. The Stone of the Condemner
d. Defeating Zeromus
e. Finding Oilings (for the bestiary)
10. Mosphoran Highwaste
a. Accessing secret zones and getting to Exodus
b. Defeating Exodus
11. Salikawood
a. Defeating Bomb King
b. Fixing the Gate
12. Sochen Cave Palace
a. Defeating the Mandragoras
b. Opening the Pilgrim's Door
c. Opening the Ascetic's Door
d. Opening the second Ascetic's Door
e. Defeating Hell Wyrm
13. Feywood
a. Gate of the Gigas
b. Spawning the Mandragoras (bestiary)
c. Spawning Behemoth King
14. Giruvegan/Great Crystal
a. Getting to Ultima and Omega Mk. XII
b. Getting Omega to fight
c. Defeating Omega
d. Defeating Ultima
15. Ridorana Cataract/Pharos/Subterra
a. How big is Pharos?
b. Defeating Hashmal
c. Accessing the Subterra
d. How to proceed through the subterra
e. Getting to Shadowseer
f. Dealing with Magick Pots
16. Zertinan Caverns
a. Defeating Adrammelech
17. Nabreus Deadlands/Necrohol of Nabudis
a. Opening Doors in the Necrohol/Getting to Chaos
b. Defeating Chaos
18. Odds and Ends
a. Buying Remedies
b. Perma-silence, MP at zero, and other incurable status issues
c. Getting High Arcanas
d. Defeating Crystalbugs
e. Spawning rare game
f. Activating the Yiazmat Hunt
g. Yiazmat's Critical HP stage
h. Stuff that's missable in the game.
i. Deciding which characters to use
j. Leveling 3 characters vs. leveling all 6
k. Locations for buying Teleport Stones
l. Getting the Dalan figure in the Sky Pirate's Den


User Info: CDawgMSM

6 years ago#322
Soulidarity posted...
As I recall, the Canopic Jar does not cause Arcana to replace any other loot, it just adds an additional drop "slot" in which Arcana can drop. I don't recall exactly, but its something like this:

You kill a wolf, and 3 drop slots are activated. Each of those slots can drop a piece of loot in that mobs drop table, a piece of gear in that mobs drop table, or nothing. Thus when you kill that wolf, you may get 3 loot bags, or none. With the Canopic Jar, that wolf now has a 4th loot slot, in which Arcana is the only possible drop. So you may still get 0-3 bags of normal loot, and 0-1 Arcana upon each kill.

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User Info: J1Z034

6 years ago#324
After reading the guides, I've found they have a lot of filler text that I don't need when I ask this simple question:

Which monsters drop what I need to get the Tournesol Loot, and where are they? I know I need to sell loot to get the loot I need for Tournesol, I just need to know where to get the basic pieces. Thanks to any and all who reply.
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User Info: Ceebs

6 years ago#325
This may answer your question:


As for why there's "filler text", as the wiki illustrates, it's a long process to unlock the Tournesol.
A design choice you do not understand about a game is not a glitch.

User Info: Thursday00

5 years ago#326
Hoping for some help with the International Zodiac Job System English patch... I'm new to the whole thing and am a bit lost.

So I want to play it on my PS2. I have the American Ff12. Will be getting the ZIJS version soon. I will get swap magic so I can play it...but how does patching it work? I've got the zip file everyone raves about. Do I need to be working from a burned disc at the end or is the patch only for emulators being played on PC? If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.
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User Info: TrystXII

5 years ago#328
MuhammadJA posted...
Hi everyone! One quick question: When will I get my first 2H Sword?

Depending on how you're playing, there are three 2H swords available to you as soon as you've obtained Belias and escaped from Shiva (before visiting Jahara):

1. Claymore is a rare poach from rare game monster Spee in The Salikawood, which you can access through Dalmasca Estersand -> Mosphorian Highwaste.
2. Save the Queen is available through Bazaar, but it requires killing very high level monsters to obtain 10 Holy Crystals.
3. Defender is available as a rare drop from Leynir in the Nabreus Deadlands (a high level area which can be accessed through The Salikawood) or in a treasure chest in the Necrohol of Nabudis (another high level area which can be accessed through The Salikawood as well).
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User Info: 5S

4 years ago#329
ChupaCobras posted...
Happy belated topic birthday and thanks for the guide

this guy knows what he's talking about
I wish my username was SS

User Info: Lightning13

3 years ago#330
SS posted...
I wish my username was SS

There :D
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