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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#21

How long is the Pharos?

100 floors

How do I defeat Hashmal

Make sure you have two things: Float and Vaccines (or the comparable spell). He uses earth magic, which float will save you from, and he can inflict disease, so you'll need a cure for it. Aside from that, there's nothing difficult about fighting him.

How do I get to the Pharos Subterra?

Finish the storyline portion of Pharos, then return and use the elevator near the save crystal.

What do I do in the Pharos Subterra?

Fight enemies in the side rooms for Black Orbs, and use them to light up the altars. It takes a lot of orbs to complete all 3 floors.

I've managed to get to Abyssal, but I can't find the Shadowseer. Where is he?

There is a fourth basement listed as "???" on the elevator. In order to reach it you must do three things: 1) fill all the altars on Abyssal with black orbs, just as you've done on Penumbra and Umbra, 2) Kill Phoenix in a side room on Penumbra, and 3) accept the Shadowseer mark hunt (titled "God or Devil?", and petitioned by Montblanc)

Magic Pots are impossible! How do I deal with them?

They won't bother you if you don't bother them. If you want to leave them alone, once you get to Umbra set your offensive gambits to "Enemy -> Undead:", and make sure that none of your offensive gambits use area effect Magick. Since the majority of the Subterra consists of fighting undead (the exceptions to this on Umbra and Abyssal are Mistmares in the center ring of Umbra, and Magick Pots on both floors), you can effectively clear a path without worrying about the Pots.

If you want to fight them (the LP is great if you haven't finished your license board) here are two approaches:

1) Hit them with Telekinesis repeatedly. It will fight back with Flare, but TK will damage it, allowing you to kill it.

2) Wait for it to "Clamor for an elixir", then use an elixir on it. This will render the Magick Pot harmless allowing you to attack it with no fear of retribution. If you're patient, you can even steal an elixir from it to replace the one you used on it.
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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#22

How do I defeat Adrammelech?

Enter the room and go towards the middle to get him to spawn. Immediately exit his chamber to the east, then head south into the save crystal room and save. His opening animation will only play the first time you enter his chamber. From then on, he will spawn in somewhat random locations around the room.

What you're hoping for is that he will spawn on the west side of the room. This will allow you to concentrate on taking out his zombies first. After killing maybe 15, they should stop spawning, then you can proceed to find Adrammelech and take him on alone. Blizzara and ranged weapons will be a tremendous help in this battle.

Note: If you start fighting his zombies, and Adrammelech charges into the battle, leave the zone and try again.
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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#23

How do I open the doors in the Necrohol of Nabudis?/How do I get to Chaos?

You'll need to take on 3 hunts in the Garamsythe Waterway: Wraith (Overflow Cloaca), White Mousse (West Sluice Control), and Orthos (Southern Sluiceway). After the Wraith hunt, go inside the house in the northeast area of Lowtown and look for the Dusty Letter on the table.

Once you have the Dusty Letter, return to the Central Waterway Control. The clue on the Dusty Letter read as follows in your Key Items window: East, Southeast, East, Southwest, Southeast. Many people mistakenly think that this is telling you where to go, when in fact it is simply giving you the order in which to operate the sluice gate controls in the Central Waterway Control. Make sure that they are all turned off (none are glowing orange), then operate the controls in this order: 1, 4, 1, 3, 4. You'll hear a sound as you finish. Go around to the south side of the room (still in the Central Waterway Control) and look around at the ground for a shining object (you'll get "!" over your head when you get close enough).

Next, head to the Nabreus Deadlands. Go to the zone with the blue save crystal (2nd zone from Salikawood), and talk to the Nu Mou. He will tell you about his two apprentices.

Head back to Rabanastre and go to Dalan's place in the South Sprawl of Lowtown. Talk to the Nu Mou here. Now head to the north sprawl and talk to Kytes (near the Garamsythe Waterway). Next stop, the fountain in Rabanastre. Talk to the girl with amnesia and listen to her story. Now head to the Muthruu Bazaar, where one of the merchants will know about the necklace, then go to the Magick shop and talk to the Imperial soldier. Back in Lowtown, in a dead end along the eastern side, you'll find the girl with amnesia. Talk to the children here, then head back to teh magick shop and talk to the soldier again. Now, return to Dalan's and talk to the Nu Mou again.

In Archades you'll find the other Nu Mou hanging out in the Magick Shop. Listen to his tale of woe, and head to Old Archades where you'll need to find Otto (he's sitting with his girlfriend). With the medallion in hand, head back to the magick shop and talk to the Nu Mou again.

Return to the blue save crystal in the Nabreus Deadlands and talk to the Nu Mou again, then head east then north through the Deadlands to the Slumbermead. To the northeast in Succor Midst Sorrow, you'll find a Teleport Crystal Bug, which once defeated will become a teleport crystal. Back in The Slumbermead, there is a hidden path along the north edge that will lead to The Fog Mutters and then into Overlooking Eternity. Fight through the Dead Bones and approach the Shrine at the top for a scene in which you will receive the final medallion (it should be noted that if the Roblon hunt is active, you'll need to defeat him, leave the zone, and return to get this scene).

Now head back to a save crystal and save your progress, then head into the Necrohol of Nabudis. You'll need to defeat two sub-bosses here before you can take on Chaos. Humbaba Mistant can be found in the Cloister of Solace (off of Cloister of Distant Song). He's pretty much just a physical brute, making this a simple attack and heal battle. Fury can be found in the Cloister of Reason (off of Hall of the Ivory Covenant). Dispel his buffs when he casts them, as they make him quite dangerous. Aside from this, the same strategies apply as with Humbaba Mistant.

Chaos can be found in the center of the Necrohol in The Crucible (off of Cloister of the Highborn).
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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#24
How do I defeat Chaos?

Chaos uses a No Attack field, meaning that you must rely on magic or technicks to damage him. He's not vulnerable to any elements either, so use non-elemental magicks. Gil Toss, Telekinesis, and Soul Eater are excellent Technicks for this battle. Of course your first order of business should be to wipe out the Elementals that accompany Chaos. Standard buffs (haste, shell, protect) apply as usual.


Where can I buy remedies?

If you haven't progressed the story beyond the Tomb of Raithwall, you can't. Once you've finished the tomb, you can buy them in the Mosphoran Highwaste camp, which is labeled as Babbling Vale on the map. Getting there this early in the game requires a small sidequest.

You'll need to go to Nalbina and do a few things. First, talk to July (she's near the teleport crystal). Now go talk to the two guards, Gibbs and Deweg, blocking the northern exit from Nalbina. Finally, rent a chocobo and ride it out the northern exit. This will trigger a cutscene, and will open the path to the Mosphoran Highwaste. Continue north to the Babbling Vale and find the merchant.

My MP is stuck at 0/My character is permanently silenced. What's wrong?

There are a few accessories that you receive as part of the storyline. These are the Goddess Magicite, Dawn Shard, and Manufactured Nethicite. Many people overlook the negative effects of wearing them (read the item description at the bottom of the screen when you equip new items). Unequip these items and the problem will be fixed.

How do I get High Arcanas?

They can be stolen from any Esper in the game (Adrammelech is a good source for them as you can leave his arena and come back to steal again), or you can make them in the bazaar. The Bazaar/Loot FAQs on this site are excellent, so please refer to those for the recipe.

How do I defeat the Crystal Bug?

You can assume two things when fighting these. They have permanent Immobilize status and they're wearing Opal Rings. This means that they will pierce Reflect, so there is no point in casting it. Their immobility allows you to retreat out of range as needed. If you simply can't damage him fast enough to keep ahead of its Restore ability, then you need better weapons to do the job.

I can't spawn [insert rare game here]. Did I do something wrong?

There are two good guides that detail this out well. The 80 Rare Monsters FAQ and the Game Mechanics FAQ are both excellent. Additionally, Split Infinity details these out in his sticky topic on this board. Please refer to those.

Montblanc won't give me the Yiazmat Hunt. What am I missing?

You need to have killed Hell Wyrm, completed the Pharos storyline events, and finished the majority of the game's Mark hunts (all rank VII hunts must be completed).
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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#25
I've gotten Yiazmat down to his last few bars, but now I keep dying. Any tips?

During this final stage of the battle, if you exit the battle and re-enter, he follows a predictable pattern for the first few actions. They are as follows:

He casts buffs on himself (bravery/faith)
He uses Growing Threat on himself
He casts Cyclone on you (which is enhanced by his buffs)
He casts Reflectga on you

After this he goes into a somewhat more random attack pattern that consists of physical attacks, Cyclone, and Death Strike. I've found the best way to go about this is to run blitzes with the goal to take off as much HP as possible during his predictable phase, then make a run for it the minute things go bad (outside the arena zone).

Your setup should look something like this:

wearing - Opal Ring
buffs - Bubble, Haste, Protect, Shell
gambits - Ally: Any: Arise
Ally: HP < 70%: Curaja
Foe: Status Faith: Dispel

wearing - Bubble Belt, best weapons available to you
buffs - Bravery, Haste, Protect, Shell, Berserk

What you'll be doing is abusing spell delay to hold up his attacks as long as possible while your berserkers beat on him unchecked. Flare is ideal for this due to its long animation. The initial part of the battle should look like this:

Yiazmat - Faith
Caster - Dispel
Yiazmat - Growing Threat
Caster - Flare
Yiazmat - Cyclone
Caster - Flare
Yiazmat - Reflectga
Caster - Curaja

Cast the first Dispel manually so that it hits him almost immediately after he receives Faith Status, rather than waiting for the gambit to kick in. You'll want to manually cast Flare as soon as you see Y ready Growing Threat, then again as soon as the first Flare begins to cast.

Once he reverts to his random attack pattern, be prepared to flee the arena zone the moment things take an unfavorable turn. Then simply recast your buffs, syphon MP as needed from your berserkers, and start the next blitz.

Additionally, (and I'm taking the word of MusashiExtra on this) by leaving and re-entering the arena zone, you should be able to inflict the full 9999 damage briefly until he casts Growing Threat each trip.

An alternate approach would be to simply set up all three characters with 2 gambits:

Ally: Any: Arise
Foe: Any: Attack

This approach requires you to be a high enough level to keep up with his damage somewhat, so if you you're below level 80 it may not be the best approach.

Is there anything missable in this game?

Here's a short list:


- Genji Gear (stolen during stages of the Gilgamesh fights - 2 pieces from each fight, 4 total)
- July the Streetear sidequest (must be completed before finishing the events at Bur-Omisace)
- Slime Oil (you get one of these as a reward, but to get enough for the bazaar recipe you must steal them from Orthros)
- The "easy" Zodiac Spear (must avoid opening several treasure chests around the world)

ITEMS THAT SHOULDN'T BE SOLD OR GIVEN AWAY (if you're into having complete item lists)

Small Package
Great Serpentskin
Jaya Stick
Bhujerban Madra (14 available)
Mithril Sword
Mithril Blade

note: one of the mithril weapons can be dropped by Omega Mark XII, but it isn't a guaranteed drop, and can be a pain to farm for it

For a more complete list, please refer to Split Infinity's "Missables" FAQ
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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#26
Which FAQ(s) should I use?

As far as walkthroughs go, Split Infinity and Sephirosuy have written comprehensive, quality guides, both of which seem to be quite popular. Additionally, SONG and Berserker have guides that seem to be held in high regards by some users.

In the "In Depth" section the following guides are worth looking at:

80 rare monster list - Sephirosuy
bazaar goods/loot FAQ - Sephirosuy
Enforced Class System Challenge FAQ - atma6
esper guide - aldoteng
game mechanics FAQ - maltzan
loot/bazaar goods FAQ - Feufeu
mark hunting guide - trowabartan
power walkthrough - Arthellinus
missables FAQ - Split Infinity

And of course, pretty much everything in the maps section is useful

Which three characters should I use?

There isn't a large difference in stats, so it really doesn't matter much. But...

Basch is relatively strong, and has higher HP
Balthier is a bit faster
Penelo and Ashe have somewhat higher magic stat
Vaan is decently fast and strong
Fran is average all around

That should help if you insist on basing it on statistics

Should I level all 6 characters, or just stick to 3?

Its a matter of preference. If you're prepared as you make your way through the game, its unlikely that you'll ever need your "backup" party, which is why many people neglect them entirely. However, should they be needed, its nice to have them equipped and leveled to the point that they can at least survive long enough to revive your main 3. Leveling all 6 takes longer (obviously), but allows for a bit more variety as you play.

Where can I get Teleport Stones?

They can be purchased onboard the airships if you take a Leisure ride. They can also be purchased at the clan shop in the Muthru Bazaar, once you reach a certain clan rank (by doing mark hunts). Additionally, they can be purchased from the chocobo riding merchant, once you've reached Balfonheim. Finally, many enemies drop them. A great place to stock up on teleport stones is Pithead Junction B in Henne Mines. Once you have Fira at your disposal, the Jellies there will fall quickly and easily. This is best done by maintaining a kill Chain.

How do I get the Dalan figure for my Sky Pirate's Den?

First thing you should know is that it has NOTHING to do with collecting maps and candles, as many people mistakenly believe. You must simply make sure that you've entered every zone in the game. The most common zone missed is "Site 6 North" (not the same as "Site 6") in Lhusu Mines.
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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#27
With that I'm finished. Please feel free to ask questions, but be aware that I'm not terribly knowledgeable about locations of items, or percentages involved in farming them, and you're better off looking in FAQs for those specific bits of information.

As this is intended to the replace version 2.0 sticky topic, it would be in the best interest of the board to use the sticky nomination feature here.
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User Info: ZeakCytho

11 years ago#28
Good work again Soul. You might want to add to this list, though (for version 4.0):

80 rare monster list - Sephirosuy
bazaar goods/loot FAQ - Sephirosuy
Enforced Class System Challenge FAQ - atma6
esper guide - aldoteng
game mechanics FAQ - maltzan
loot/bazaar goods FAQ - Feufeu
mark hunting guide - trowabartan
power walkthrough - Arthellinus
missables FAQ - Split Infinity

The shop guide (Split Infinity) and Weapons Analysis (Arthellinus) are both very useful, and the ECC guide is pretty bad

User Info: thesonic798

11 years ago#29
Awesome work.
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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#30
I mostly only add the ECC guide to that list because its an interesting way to play through the game, rather than because its a well written FAQ. Adding a notation to point that out would be a good idea though.

The other two will be added next time around.
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