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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#471
Getting drops or farming treasure chests is the best way of "power-equipping" your party. The downside, obviously, is that it can be extremely tedious. Even moreso when you're trying to farm from rare game.

If you mention where you are in the game, we could tell you what equips you can farm, and where they can be farmed.
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User Info: How1e

11 years ago#472
Keep up the good work split, your guides are extremely helpful.
Thanks for all the helpful information Split...

User Info: CubanGangsta

11 years ago#474
I been reading sephirosuys faq on the 80 rare game. Right now, I'm trying to find #40. Pyllo... I must have gone around the branchway and greenswathe areas a dozen times, still no Pyllo. I even killed all the monsters along the way(even though eventually they will respawn). What the heck am I doing wrong?

User Info: CubanGangsta

11 years ago#475
lol, never mind I found him.

User Info: CubanGangsta

11 years ago#476
Cultsworn Lich is annoyingly hard to spawn.

User Info: Blackestmage

11 years ago#477
Split, Français?
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User Info: churchill_roy

11 years ago#478

Question, Does magic lore lengthen the duration of buffs casted on you (haste, bubble ets...)

tnx :)

User Info: BigRDawg18

11 years ago#479
I've finally completed all the rare games, but my gosh how do you guys deal with getting
the grand Armor from Helvenik,
the grand armor from the tower, (do you take elevator each time you kill it?)
the danjuro from larvae eater (this one has to be the most ridiculous??),
and the yagyu darkblade from bombshell

I plan on doing everything in the game including these 4 items but I chained about 24 helveniks until a darn dark elemental got in the way and ruined my plans and just haven't been in the mood to try again. I was wondering if anyone could offer some strategies on getting these items.
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User Info: Soulidarity

11 years ago#480
Helvinek is relatively easy. He can be exploited in the same way that many teleporting monsters can (Dustia being the most common abuse of this trick). Kill him at a zone boundary, and zone out before the experience shows up. Return and he'll respawn immediately, and you can kill him again and again without having to kill the Oversouls again. Once you've built up your chain level, start going for the loot, but you have to be quick. If you can't get the loot bag almost instantly, then just zone out and try again. It isn't worth killing your chain just to pick up the loot.

Can't say much on chaining Tower for Grand Helms, as I've never attempted it

For Danjuro, check the topic titled "The Danjuro Experiment"

Getting the YDB is actually fairly easy. The biggest problem is that the enemies can hit rather hard. What I would suggest is to take a slower, safer method, though some would tell you to do it another, faster way.

You enter the area through Site 11. In Site 11, there is a mine cart that can be used to travel straight to Site 5, bypassing Lasche Span (where Bombshell resides). It can also be used to travel in the opposite direction (Site 5 to Site 11)

What I typically do is clear the Abysteels near the mine cart in Site 5, and rekill their respawns (just stay in the zone away from them for a few minutes) until they stop coming back. After this, I never allow them to respawn. The reason for this is to allow you a safe zone, should you get in trouble with Bombshell, or if the Aeronites get on your tail and you need to escape.

You will only enter Lasche Span from Site 5, and you will only exit Lasche Span to Site 5. The mine cart will be the only way you ever set foot in Site 11.

So you sit on the boundary of Site 5 and Lasche Span zoning back and forth 10 times or so. This should spawn Bombshell. Enter the zone and check for him, but try not to let the Aeronites target you. If Bombshell is not there, go back to Site 5, and zone at the boundary several more times, and try again. If he is there, you'll need to lure him back to the boundary to Site 5, away from the Aeronites. Here you'll be able to fight him without interference from the Aeronites, and you'll have an easy escape if things get hairy. If you can't get Bombshell away from the Aeronites, zone to Site 5, use the mine cart to Site 11, then back to Site 5 (mine cart) and finally back to Lasche Span, and do the 1 zoning at the boundary to spawn him again.

2-zoning in this manner will reset Lasche Span, hopefully providing a more beneficial spawn point for Bombshell, and will continue to keep the Abysteels in Site 5 from ever respawning. When you kill Bombshell, follow the 2 zone method listed above in order to respawn Bombshell to build the Chain.

Do not collect any of the loot bags until you've built up your Chain Level to at least Level 3 (4 is better). Drops have higher probability of dropping the Darkblade at higher chain levels. Also, be sure that each time you use the mine cart to Site 11, that you IMMEDIATELY turn around and use the cart to return to Site 5. There are Vampyrs in Site 11 near the mine cart, and you don't want to accidentally kill them and break your chain. If you do it quickly, they'll never hit you either.

This is, of course, a fairly slow (but very safe) method of chaining Bombshell.

The common "fast" method is to do suicide runs back and forth across the Lasche Span, enduring whatever punishment the Aeronites dish out. Up to you which you prefer.
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