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User Info: Death_Fire11

10 years ago#481
I'm stuck in the Henne Mines, like level 19 ;P

User Info: truckr_life

10 years ago#482

Death_Fire11 posted...
I'm stuck in the Henne Mines, like level 19 ;P

stuck? whats holding you up?? those guys after balthier? just run like heck out of there back to town if thats the case. That area held me up for a while cause I was trying to get the serpentskin WAY too early. And if you try to take on all those enemies at once on the bridges thats tough too. Try disableing some of your enemies, that can help some.

User Info: SavenForever

10 years ago#483
I think this guide would be more useful if you rewrote it with generic names for areas and bosses (light house....judge.......final boss, etc).

I probably should've done that looking at it now.
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User Info: 420LeMac

10 years ago#484
RIP TheCameI account

User Info: rahki2000

10 years ago#485
i just read though this topic pretty fascinating...as for me...when i go through an area i tend to try to get all the main monsters in my beastary and rare game done before moving on of course this doesn't include areas like the waterways and entites of course but this tends to make me over-leveled...

So currently as Giruvegan and alot higher then most would be

I wanna try a solo game just with Vaan...

by the way thanks for this topic...

User Info: Plateau_Sigma

10 years ago#486
Stop posting "Oh, you were only level 23 at so and so? Well I'm level 9174287382478247827821. I GUESS I OVERLEVELED HARHARHAR".

Like it's a ****ing surprise that you're overleveled after you spent your free time for 5 months straight running in circles with scotch tape over the x button. You didn't do it by accident. You knew you were overleveled, and it's not impressive or cute or anything other than annoying to pretend otherwise.

I don't mean this as a personal attack to any specific person. I'm just asking those who are tempted to post something that fits a similar template not to do so. Please. The only thing that's overleveled in this topic is my intellect (and possibly my loins as well).

User Info: SuperGearHalo

10 years ago#487
This should be "Level Recommendations for people who just want to use 'attack' and defeat every monster." I've been averaging about ten levels below that my entire time, and I haven't run into too much trouble.

User Info: jackofblades34

10 years ago#488
As everybody should know, equipment means alot more than levels in this game and strategy means lot more than equipment.

Really all problems are avoidable if people came up with an appropriate strategy.
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
so i've gotten the impression that after you beat the final boss of this game you can keep going around to do sidequests? i never finished ff7 as a kid because i wanted to get all the sidequests done before facing the final boss, just wondering if that was the case here, because you recommend being level 50 for the final boss, but i've seen guides that suggest level 90 for certain elite marks and optional bosses. i don't want to beat the game and found out i can't finish off my hunts, but then again i don't want to beat the game and then have to powerlevel 40 levels to beat espers when there's no more bosses to use them on. can someone make sense of it all for me?

(oh, and i did go back a couple years ago and beat ff7, in case you were wondering.)
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