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User Info: Ultimetalhead

9 years ago#1
I'm using PJ64 and I can't start the game because of the controls. HELP!
A pencil without lead is pointless...

User Info: iamwhoiamorami

9 years ago#2
Change your controls... this game uses the dpad not analog.

User Info: Espeorb

9 years ago#3
Yeah, I usually have the numpad as the D-Pad, the arrowkeys as the Control stick and Home/Delete/End/PageDown as Up/Left/Down/Right on the C-buttons. Works for me. Also, I finally got emulating the transfer pack to work, so yay!
A team of Voltorbs or a team of Venonats? I CANNOT DECIDE!!!

User Info: iamwhoiamorami

9 years ago#4
Between me playing Blue and Gold, my brother playing Red and Silver, and this with a transfer pack I should finally be able to catch them all without having any of the necessary consoles!

As for your decision, Voltorb FTW.

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