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User Info: Galuf_the_Dwarf

3 months ago#1
So here's what I have ATM.

Lola: Female Hero level 34, Valiant personality
Will: Male Warrior, level 32, also Valiant personality
Petra: Female Sage (formerly Priest), currently level 25, Sexy personality
Lena: Female Sage (formerly Jester), currently level 26, Smart personality

So far, I've made it through most of Baramos' castle up to the courtyard JUST BEFORE you fight him but I've noticed my team's getting a little beat up. I thought I heard at least for this version, you need your teammates in the mid- to high 30s level-wise, so I'm concerned about that. Granted, I did manage to beat Baramos in the NES version back in the day, but we're talking almost 30 years ago (for the record, I am 37 going on 38 years old; the NES version came out when I was 9).

Now, I have a file from shortly before I transitioned my Priest into a Sage and where I had a Mage with me instead of the Jester-turned-Sage, so I have that, but I found in both this version and the NES version that I needed more healing than my Hero and a Priest could muster, namely going into Zoma's castle in the NES version (which I still have yet to beat). Any suggestions?

User Info: Galuf_the_Dwarf

3 months ago#2
Decided to try my hand at Baramos where I'm at currently. Didn't make it too far. Started REALLY pounding me after a while. I did buff my party with Increase and TwinHits but his magic still hit like a truck. Besides grinding my Sages up into the low to mid 30s (which may take A WHILE), I'm not sure what else I can do to get past this guy. I read up elsewhere on the internet, and Sleep and Stopspell won't work on him, meanwhile Surround, I don't know what that would accomplish if it worked. Bounce could possibly help with spells but I'm concerned that'd make my party's healing reflect onto him and even with enough Medical Herbs, I don't know if that would really mitigate the damage enough.

Either way, REALLY could use some input. =/

User Info: Pre_PHD_Lee

3 months ago#3
I don't know if you'll be able to easily do it before your Sages know Healall at least (unless your Priest learned it before class changing). Once one of them has the spell, though, I think you should be able to do this. Here are some suggestions.

(Note, I'm more familiar with the NES version, and there are some differences between versions in this fight, so it's possible that some of the following might be wrong. Some of his spell resistance values might be different between versions.)

Firstly, On the NES, Baramos has a scripted attack pattern that he repeats over and over. I think it's the same in other versions. Learn it and you can always know in advance what his next attack will be. Knowing this can help you manage your healing a lot better.

One of the most important things is to make sure your equipment has magic or breath reduction. That's far more useful in this fight than outright defense power. On the NES you'd be looking at Magic Armor and/or Dragon Armor, but the remakes have more options including shields. These can seriously mitigate Baramos's worst attacks and greatly increase your party's survivability.

The other important thing to keep in mind is Baramos' regeneration (which I'm pretty sure is in the remakes as well). He auto-heals around 100 HP every round. Because of that, it's often best not to actually use the Fight command at all after you've finished casting support spells like Increase or Sap. Any character that can't use those should just defend to reduce damage until you're ready to begin your focused assault.

Aside from TwinHits, make sure you're using Sap. He has a fairly high resistance to it, but once it hits, it stays and just one successful casting has a very large effect in this fight (I'd try for at least two successes with it). Maybe consider trying to use the Orochi Sword as well to layer on to it. (But the Orochi Sword is Defense, not Sap, which is less effective against a single target).

Stopspell does work on Baramos, but actually can make the fight harder. He'll skip the spell parts of his attack pattern altogether rather than try a failed cast, which just ends up making him use his powerful breath attack more frequently.

Surround should be worth it if. I just looked it up, and it looks like he actually has a lower resistance to this. Any time he attacks and misses gives you a free attack round, which is less time battling his regeneration. Again, cast it at the beginning, before you start all-out attacking.

I think Sleep also does work on him, but his resistance is high enough that you might spend more rounds trying to put him to sleep than he actually stays asleep. Because of his regeneration, it's probably not worth trying unless it's right before you start attacking at the beginning of the fight. One downside to sleep is that it's less easy to see where he is in his scripted attack pattern when he wakes up.

If you are still having trouble, you can level your Sages high enough to get Healus. One person with Healus should make the fight much easier; two people with the spell should make it a breeze.

I hope that helps.
May someday resume the quest for higher education, or else change my name here. Won't stop playing games either way.
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: Galuf_the_Dwarf

3 months ago#4
Could work. Was thinking I should get Healus, which is acquired at level 34. Now the big burning question for me is where would be best to level up and if I should stash my Warrior after I get him up after two to four more levels. Don't know if the number of party members affects experience distribution in this game or if classes have different experience tables or not (akin to various classes in 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons). If it doesn't matter, then my Warrior and hero both getting even higher is just another plus for me.

User Info: Pre_PHD_Lee

3 months ago#5
The classes do have different experience tables, and the number of party members does affect experience distribution.

You get a total amount of experience from the battle that's divided evenly among your characters. So each character will get more experience in a smaller party. (This is one of the only Dragon Quest games that does it that way).

So it could very well be advantageous to stow your warrior for a while as you level your sages.

I'm not sure where the best levelling spot is. I know Metal Babbles appear in Baramos' castle, and other enemies there yield good EXP, but I don't remember offhand how much effort it takes on average to kill them. The Necrogond cave also has Metal Babbles. Orochi's Cave and the top of Garuna Tower have Metal Slimes you can fight.
May someday resume the quest for higher education, or else change my name here. Won't stop playing games either way.
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User Info: Galuf_the_Dwarf

3 months ago#7
This just in: Baramos is down!

User Info: Galuf_the_Dwarf

3 months ago#8
As of just a minute ago, I have accomplished the following today:
1) Reached Domdora, Mercado, Kol and Rimuldar in that order.
2) Cleared out the Rocky Cave, the Nail Mark, and the Tower of Rubiss in that order in between reaching the aforementioned towns.
3) Got the Sword of Kings, the Hero's Shield and (as of about 10 minutes ago) the Light Armor.
4) Got the Staff of Rain and (as of 5 minutes ago) the Crest of Rubiss. Got the Sun Stone yesterday.
5) Got close to (if not a bit above) 90 Tiny Medals. Hoping to find 100 of them if possible before I beat the game.

Level-wise, my Hero is level 41, my Warrior is level 40 and both my sages are level 36. Hoping to get the last two to at least level 40 and research which equipment my party will need (In the case of my Hero, which accessory is best; otherwise she's all set). Tomorrow, I plan to acquire the Rainbow Drop and at least get the bridge created. Seems like just yesterday, my dad did that in the first game on the NES and subsequently mopped the floor of that castle with the Dragonlord, and that was about 30 years ago! Oh, how times flies...

User Info: Galuf_the_Dwarf

2 months ago#9
Tried out Zoma's Castle. Beat the bosses in there right up to Zoma when I decided to pull back, due to having gotten all the real desirable treasure in there, my 100th Tiny Medal, and finding myself low on MP for my Sages. This is what I've got now.

Lola: Level 43, still Valiant personality and has all the ultimate gear plus the Starry Ring (or if I wanted, the Crest).
Will: Level 42, also still Valiant. Has a Bastard Sword, Blade Armor (Magic Armor and Dragon Armor available if needed), Mythril Helmet, Dragon Shield (or Magic Shield, if needed) and Hero Ring (or if Agility is a must, the AgiScarf)
Peta: Level 38, still Sexy personality. Has a Zombie Sword, Magic Bikini, Magic or Dragon Shield, and the Garter.
Lena*: Also level 38, still Smart personality. Zombie Sword as well, Sacred Bikini, Magic or Dragon Shield and the IntSpecs.

By how it went in there, I'm thinking Zoma could be doable but I still feel slightly underleveled, at least as far as Peta and Lena. For Lena, I'm eyeing investing in a Dragon Robe if I can access the shop from the Pachisi Slot in Kol, possibly the same for Peta as well.

One thing, though: If I already beat KingHydra, BaraBomus and BaraGonus and leave the castle like I did, will they come back or will I not have to fight them again? If not, that's all the more MP I can conserve for when I face Zoma himself. When I make my final push on him (as long as I don't have the fight the aforementioned bosses again), I'm aiming to use the least amount of MP possible and just hack-and-slash my way to the final fight and then unload everything I have on him.

I know using the Light Orb on him is a must. I also heard he uses that infamous "Disruptive Wave" that PRACTICALLY EVERY FINAL BOSS IN THE FRANCHISE SINCE THEN USES (at least I know it is used my Necrosaro/Psaro the Manslayer in IV and Orgrodemir in VII; I have yet to play V, VI, and VIII through XI). Will buffing and debuffing be useful in any case or would I just be wasting MP doing that? These were the spells I was planning were these
  • Sap
  • TwinHits
  • Increase
  • Barrier
  • SpeedUp

*Fact: Lena is named after 2 people in particular.
1) The character Lena the Hyena from the Li'l Abner comic strip, which I first heard of in the play "Dutchman" by Amiri Baraka (previously known as Leroi Jones).
2) One of my aunts of the same first name.

User Info: Pre_PHD_Lee

2 months ago#10
Based on your party levels, I think you should be able to beat Zoma. I'll give the same caveat as before that I'm more familiar with the NES version. In that version, upper 30's is a normal level to beat the game at without using sages. With 2 sages, you could probably do it even sooner.

You do have to kill the three bosses before Zoma every time you try, even if you've beat them before.

Zoma's freezing waves mean excessive buffing is usually not worth it. I usually still do a few here and there. Barrier can be very useful for damage reduction (though you might not need it if you have breath reduction equipment), and anything that increases your damage output is good. But know that Zoma regenerates around 100 HP every turn, just like Baramos. So it's important to make sure you attack efficiently.

I'm pretty sure freezing waves also nullifies Sap on Zoma, even though it's on him and not on the party. That's how it works on the NES anyway. I'm pretty sure in future games, freezing waves doesn't affect the caster, but it does in this one.

One of the most effective spells to use against Zoma is Healall. That spell damages him if and only if you use the Sphere of Light. It hits for damage in the upper 100's and he has no resistance to it, and it costs less MP than other attack spells. With two sages, you might consider having your soldier spam the Sage's Stone while everyone else spams Healall, and not worry about attack buffs at all.

Zoma's stats might be higher in this version than the NES version, but I think you shouldn't have too much trouble with him. Just don't forget to use your Sphere of Light first thing, or you'll be in for a lot more hurt than you expect.
May someday resume the quest for higher education, or else change my name here. Won't stop playing games either way.
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