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  3. Sorrow Shield at all worth using?

User Info: ThEBMaN

4 months ago#1
Topic. It's cursed, but the Curse effect doesn't seem all that awful. From what I understand it basically splits any damage you take between you and a random party member. Any sort of creative usefulness for this? It does have a good defense rating. Is it worth using or does it belong in the Bag always and forever?

User Info: StyrixA

4 months ago#2
It can be if you put it on a tank that you don’t intend on attacking. But I’m the end, or long term, no. But it is worth trying out.

Now, if you play the Hardtype Hack for the NES, the Sorrow Shield is still cursed, but more worth it, because the values were slightly changed.

User Info: kamkasil

3 months ago#3
I would say it could be equipped on a weaker party member so that their damage is lessened while other, presumably tankier party members, absorb the excess. Probably shouldn’t use in most circumstances though.

User Info: behindtheword

3 months ago#4
1) leveling a weaker warrior after class change, which would fit with kamkasil's statement, but unfortunately it's Warrior only. If it could only be equipped by Dealers, Sages, Priests, Wizards, and even Fighters.

2) as StyrixA mentioned, a tank, however this only works well in certain conditions:
  • Baramos after StopSpell, place the Warrior in the front slot (or give it to the hero), of course this means stealing one from the Lionroar's in the Gondo cave
  • Bara Gonus and King Hydra
  • Full Powered Zoma (higher attack value and chance to attack)
  • First floor of the Ice Dungeon due to the high volume of physically dominant monsters, similarly with the last half of the tower after King Zenith in the first bonus dungeon.
  • Both bonus bosses given the volume of physical attacks

Still risky though. However I wonder if that damage can be dodged?

3) Full Warrior party, if that's your thing...having leveled up other classes, and from here, maybe making the front-line Warrior the super tank and giving him/her the Sorrow Shield.

4) For fun...going back to the full Warrior party, whether the Hero is in it or not.
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  3. Sorrow Shield at all worth using?
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