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User Info: ThEBMaN

3 months ago#1
Topic. I changed my Level 30 Thief over to a Sage and my Sage didn't start getting MP growth again til Level 20 or so, which was later than I expected for sure. I figured a Thief would be the best class to cross over to Sage since they have excellent MP growth, figured that would help the Sage's MP be affected less. However it's Max MP seems to be suffering. Is this normal? How badly does a Sage who was a Thief beforehand usually affect it's MP?

User Info: StyrixA

3 months ago#2
Eventually you won’t notice a difference basically, the Sage will eventually gain enough Int that 2x his aunt will be more than half of the MP the thief used to have. When that happens (soon) you’ll see it go up.

Honestly, you don’t really need to worry about the Sage’s MP, and any previous class would work.So it’s best to pick a class with good Agil and Vit (maybe Str). A thief with great Agi is a good choice.

Make sure, however, that the personality on the Sage doesn’t have an Int penalty.

User Info: behindtheword

2 months ago#3
The thing is every class has a "cap" value at every level.

Let's say Class A has a cap of 100 by level 20 for a state. You switch classes, and said stat went from 202 -> 101. So leading into Level 21, you'll only roll a 0 or a 1 in stat growth. After that, depending on how many 1's you got, at level 21, if you're below the cap by 1 point, you'll get normal growth (base * range modifier * personality modifier).

If you're above, you'll roll a 0 or 1 again, and likely get stat points again at 22, again, depending on the number of 1's you rolled leading into 22.

If your wisdom, in this case, kept rolling values the game checks Wisdom *2 against your current Wisdom value, and the stat growth it checks against the base and cap, is the Wisdom stat. So given you didn't get anything, then you weren't yet at a level where you hit the cap at that level.


The way this ends up, is that at the level you start getting stats again, you'll be WAY above a normal game where you had no stat growth, or you started in a class with lower general stats and switched out at an earlier level. In this case, a Jester, which would have ended up with a much lower Wisdom and thus MP value going into Sage, than a Thief.

Even so, that Sage transferring from a level 20 Jester, with 60 -> 30 MP, would still have a few early levels where the stat would not yet be at cap, and would still roll a 0 or 1. However...

Level 7, Sage (from Jester) starts getting MP: 30 -> 33
Level 20, Sage (from Jester) MP: 60~80

Anyway, the point I'm trying to share with you is that said Sage transitioning from a Jester, while it would gain MP at an earlier level as a Sage, it would end up with a very likely smaller pool of MP by level 20 than transitioning from a Thief with a higher MP pool, as that sage, at level 20, would probably NOT have hit cap naturally, but would still be higher than a Sage had you hacked one in from scratch.

The point being, because you start at a higher value, you'll end up at a higher value at later levels. Not guaranteed, but most likely. It also depends on your Personality (and thus accessories given how many impact personality).
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  3. Thief to Sage - How bad will this affect the Sage's MP growth
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