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  3. my fighter won't gain skills

User Info: angelusalvus

1 year ago#1
No matter how many battles I get, the fighter (martial artist) won't gain anything useful. I'm playing the nintendo switch port
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User Info: behindtheword

1 year ago#2
You don't get battle skills in this game. It's magic from Priest , Mage , and Sage (combines Priest and Mage spells), and field-based skills from Thief , Merchant , and Jester.

Martial Artists do have a special trait though; increased critical rates.

Everyone else = 1.56% fixed rate unless a weapon has a unique critical rate, in which case it replaces the base rate.
Martial Artist = Level/256

It's only in DQ's 6, 7, and 9 where you get skills tied to particular classes, and 9 requires point distributions to earn them, 6 and 7 grant per level in a class, but class levels are independent from character.. 5 is the first to introduce some skills, though only through monster recruits.
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User Info: ThEBMaN

1 year ago#3
LOL that's because Fighters don't get any skills. Silly goof.

User Info: MyNameIsMabble

1 year ago#4
Don't need any, either.
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  3. my fighter won't gain skills
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