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User Info: Kigalas

1 month ago#1
Hey all, I was thinking today about doing a randomized run of this in the future and am looking for some input.

Here’s what I’ve already decided:

-Personality test will be all coin flips

-Every level the Hero gains will have a coin flip to see if a new party member gets added, if there’s room

-Simple dice roll to determine class, no one starts as a Goof-Off/Jester

-Every 5 levels for other members gets a dice roll with 1/6 chance of retirement

-When party members hit level 20 I’ll change 2 numbers on the dice roll to be a class change, still keeping the 1/6 retirement chance

-If I have a Merchant in the party (or retired) when I get the ship, then he goes to the New Town, otherwise no New Town until a Merchant is rolled

-Sages and characters level 40 lose their retirement/class change roll and become permanent

-Goof-Offs get an extra dice roll if they get a class change roll to see if they become a Sage, 1/3 chance

-Personality books are applied right away, with a 4-sided die roll if full party, otherwise a standard die roll with even chance

-If I have a Book of Sartori any non-Goof-Off class change gets a 1/6 chance to try for a coin flip as a chance to be a Sage

Any other things you guys can think of for this?
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