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User Info: Hiroshi_Mishima

10 years ago#1
Did anyone else playing this game get the feeling they'd seen this art style before? The whole time I've been playing it, it's been bugging the hell out of me. I keep wanting to say it reminds me of something from a Disney movie. Actually, not just the art style, but the way characters are animated, as well.

...You know, looking back at it, I'd also say the voice actors don't seem to fit some of the characters, Gerdy included, but especially Efrin. I'm not sure exactly what makes it feel like this for the most part... It could be that they didn't sync up mouth movements with the dialogue, or maybe it's cause the dialogue is almost impossible to hear sometimes (and there's no subtitles on certain scenes). Oh, except for Efrin, his voice doesn't fit cause LOOK AT HIM, and then listen to his voice; it sounds like a small child speaking instead of an elf or a young man.

I suppose this is a problem with Western animation, though. I mean, if the game is truly worked on by people who've done other stuff such as movies and the like, then having people who don't always fit the appearance seems normal.

I wonder if anyone's even going to respond to this..
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