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User Info: Slmlrdk

10 years ago#1
Who says he's not that tough to beat?!?! I'm ashamed to admit that I can't do what others find easy-- But I just can't believe it! Date is easier than this guy and so is Brian Hawk! I thought so the first time I played through this game a few years ago, and I still think so today. He smacks me around like a child. :-(

The only punch I can reliably land without getting countered is the jab, but I can't depend on that because he wont stand toe-to-toe. Circling to the left or right isn't an option cause he smacks me silly with a hook the instant I move my feet. Waiting for him to come to me is no good, because he stubbornly refuses to approach without being offered an opening. The same problem applies to bobbing and weaving too.

I'm sorry for the outburst. I had to get it off my chest and I don't know anyone who plays this game.
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