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User Info: maydogg6

11 years ago#1
What's your favorite fight from the game? Or for that matter what did you consider to be the hardest fight?

The hardest fight for me, at least in terms of how many tries to took me to win was by far the Ippo vs Mashiba fight. He took me better than twice as many tries as any other boxer in the game. If I went back now that I've completed the game, I doubt this would be all that much trouble, but he really beat me down at the beginning.

But the best fight in my opinion was the Nekota vs Kamogawa fight. I think it only took me three tries to win this one, but the fight was epic. Took it into the last round or two every time and it was the only fight that I ever went the distance in (loss). It seemed like you really needed to be on top of it the entire match if you wanted to stay in the fight. Definately my favorite fight.

How about you?
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