Ice suit and gravity beam before Thardus

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User Info: Gactivefy

7 years ago#1
After months of experimentation and general mashing of the control stick in random directions, I found that it is indeed possible to beat the Omega Pirate without the plasma beam!

The process is simple: you must first go into fungal hall C and face the wall on the other side of the omega metroid (the one with the reserve tank hidden behind it) and do what is called a Grat Dash. to perform this, one must first scan the omega metroid exactly halfway: no more, no less; this is critical. After this has been done, jump on top of the red mushroom near the corner. Now, from there, double R jump onto the top part of the omega metroid near where the eye is. Hopefully, you should land for a split second; just enough time to do a scan dash from it over to the left. However, instead of doing a normal scan dash, you must fire three missiles at the stalactite on the ceiling directly in your path (this is much harder than it sounds and WILL take you many tries). If you positioned your scan dash just right, the stalactite will plow through you, and the momentum from your dash will lead you downwards through the ground.

After falling for about 5 minutes, the screen should transition from black with the Phazon Mines music to white with the Phendrana Drifts music. Switch to the power beam and charge a super missile. Soon you will see snow around you; fire the super missile directly below you now. If timed correctly, you will hear what sounds like a window shattering. This part is absolutely critical to the success of the trick: hold L and drift backwards in the air as far as you can until the next step.

By the time you land, your suit will be frozen over, and your beam crushed by G-force. Hopefully, you fell back far enough to trigger the Thardus fight. If so, congratulations! You have now gotten the ice suit and gravity beam before Thardus!

User Info: Mxylbobator

7 years ago#2
Nice toke jopic.
I'm a super pro player. It's like I'm Metroid himself in the suit. ~GoukiAkujiki

User Info: PappinAce

7 years ago#3
So is this like the idea that if you dig far enough from the United States you get to China? Are you sure Phazon Mines is directly above Phendrana Drifts?
Hey guys, I was just being funny. LilLeo is the one who defined my sperm as being meat. -Headmasterevil

User Info: Gactivefy

7 years ago#4
Yes, I am sure. After all, if the open air Phazon Mines can be below Magmoor Caverns, anything is possible.
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