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User Info: merlin2530

7 years ago#1
I first played SH2 and fell in love with it and have more or less discovered how to really kick the teeth in with respect to both campaigns. So recently I bought SH3 after Xmas and after seeing that I get SH1 for free, chose to play the first game that started it all. This much I've learned already...

1) The Lord is a complete 'wuss' in SH1. In SH2, you can you use him to hold back bandits any wild life. In this game a single bandit can nearly take him down.

2) The bandits now don't take about 2-3 arrows to take down...they take like twice that.

3) The woodcutters are idiots. They walk right past usable trees and instead of getting me a good headstart...it slows down wood production.

4) The stockpile fills up really fast and it's annoying you cannot sell wood. Plus, the inevitability of needing more than 1 stockpile make sit annoying to build on some of those small, tiny maps with more landscape than space you can build on.

5) My granary and stockpile...can be destroyed. Talk about exceptionally annoying the first time I learned that one.

I also built my main hall and blocked the river crosser by accident. Then that killed my wood production and it was impossible to build fast enough to beat off the bandits without losing half a dozen buildings each raid. Had to replay the scenario.

User Info: The_Pastmaster

7 years ago#2
Kinda what I love about this game. Also I kinda disliked all the "redundant" buildings in SH2.

User Info: KKpizzas

7 years ago#3
I also loved those things about this game. Why should a one-on-one fight with a bandit be so one-sided?

SH1 all the way!
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