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User Info: peterrad

13 years ago#21
Help with stronghold level 15 (invasion missions) I cant seem to place my archers and crossbow men in the right place so they can kill but not get killed, also how do I get my spearmen to light the pich near the gatehouse. I have tried this level about 20 times now and it is doing my head in. I would be grateful for any help


User Info: peterrad

13 years ago#22
Regarding my last post, I know i am a coward but I am only playing in normal difficulty... will try hard if I get through this lot !!!!!


User Info: BowieofBest

13 years ago#23

About the playing for a long time then stopping for a long time, that's exactly how I am. Only I do it with everything, pretty much. XD The Sims 2, Strong Hold, my tycoon games, ect.

User Info: drren

13 years ago#24
Playing it now. Did not play it when it came out, as my taste in games was much different back then. Recently installed and played Stronghold 2. It looks good, plays nice, but it's too choppy at times. So I pulled a dusty Stronghold 1 out and I'm really enjoying this title.
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User Info: fjer

13 years ago#25
F1 I believe. (If not just try the other F buttons.)
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User Info: Tootsy_Jr

13 years ago#26
I play it all the time.

User Info: wexer9

13 years ago#27
I still play.
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User Info: Latios212

13 years ago#28
Still play too, read my post in another topic, I'm sure i wrote something about "Carving A Path" there.

User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
13 years ago#29
I still play it.

Finished campaign and invasion on Very Hard. (Even "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" was easy if you know how to outwit the AI).
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User Info: LordMatt255

13 years ago#30
I just downloaded the LOTR map pack just yesterday.
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