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User Info: random-name

14 years ago#1

User Info: doubleornothin9

14 years ago#2
i play this when i am bored.

(signs name)
Jim Not changing this until the Eagles win the super bowl. Started February 22, 2005

User Info: Aebleskiver

14 years ago#3
Not changing this sig until a good havest moon for PS2 comes out. Started Feb.14 2005

User Info: Cell_Shot

14 years ago#4
i play it every now and then, i love building walls and sticking a bunch of archers on them then watching them slaughter the enemy easily

User Info: Niko109

14 years ago#5
I go through phases where the only thing I do is play Stronghold, and after a while I get bored of it and stop for a few months. Then the whole process starts up again, it happens with Age Of Empires too. I know, I'm wierd. O_o

User Info: spybloom

14 years ago#6
^ naw ur not weird. i do that too with stronghold and warcraft. I just haven't installed it on our new computer yet
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User Info: GTAfan924

14 years ago#7
I still do.

User Info: VoodooChild62

14 years ago#8
I do.

User Info: The_benstar

14 years ago#9
i'm doing it right now.*signs

Just a question, but would YOU really call blowing up 2/3 of somebody's house "spring cleaning?"

User Info: addybhai

14 years ago#10

Yes I have finished this twice and now playing again.

However, i will be using the LOTR maps now.

The game is fun and keeps u busy hours., If u have really nothing else to do.

But i think its entertaining rather watching TV shows.

TIP: If u are playing ST2, and haven't played Stronghold, Please leave the new version and complete the first one.

I am sure it will help u understanding and in fact affiliating ur self to the newer version.


Addy Bhai

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