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User Info: tiomasta

5 months ago#1
New watch, anti-jammer
+Can bump into an enemy without shimmering once per activation (still reveals if continuously touching for over 2 seconds), and once per activation can take one igniting hit OR bleeding hit without getting fire/bleed then cannot receive another fire/bleed for 0.4 seconds.
-Watch doesn't refill from ammo or dispensers.

New watch, escape artist
+While invisible has a giant speed boost when not airborne, and knockback immunity including from airblast.
+First hit taken while invisible, and other hits for 0.3 seconds afterward, deal halved damage and are downgraded from crits.
-Short cloak time, can only start from full. Starting takes longer and makes a different noise. Cannot refill from dispenser while active.

New revolver, guardian angel
-33% damage and -20% firerate and -33% clip size and no random crits.
+Health regeneration added to the Spy, afterburn and wet effects last 1/3 less time, on kill heals/overheals 30 HP.

-Disguise kit change, new function: fire while pointing at a player to disguise as that exact player whether teammate or enemy, firing while not pointing close to anyone will pick a random enemy class except Medic.

-New primary passive replacement, jet boot: can doublejump. When melee weapon is selected, gets marked for death until 4 seconds after sheathing it.
-New melee, tranquilizer: on successful hit, stuns and locks their mouse in place for 1 second without bringing third person view, and caps their movement speed to a set amount for 6 seconds. Damage -20%, can't damage or affect someone still debuffed. I thought about it always costing 25% of current HP to apply effect so the Medic has to lose to run away but IDK.
-New melee, fire decal ubersaw: when any weapon is selected except medigun, passively charges 1.25% uber per second. On primary or melee kill, refills 20% uber and buffs you: your medibeam targets inflict afterburn on damage, effect lasts 7 seconds or until triggering on 2 different enemies.

New medigun, split mind
*Uber is split in 3 bars/3 uses.
*Uber gives that person a small ammo pickup and leaves them with a buff, for 10 seconds they get passively healed as if they had a normal medigun on them and can overheal (buff doesn't stack with mediguns). If they get hit again (discounting DoTs they already had) it drops to a set 8 heal p/s for the rest of the duration.
*If you uber someone that already has the buff, bonus effect: your medigun is forced to stay latched onto that person for 5 seconds and you can't switch weapons, for 5 seconds both of you have 35% damage resistance and crit immunity.

New sniper rifle, maverick
+Loads some 5 or more shots before having to scope out and reload, with a faster 0.7 seconds between shots if scoped.
+Faster ground movement when scoped.
-Reduced damage exclusively for critical hits, charge time significantly slowed.

New hi-tech bow or railgun
+Arrows are extremely fast projectiles and shoot perfectly straight, 100% faster re-fire, can charge&shoot while airborne.
-No headshots, charge time slightly slowed.

-Wrangler nerf: if the Engineer dies while holding the Wrangler, the damage reduction shield on the sentry goes away instantly, instead of only when it regains functioning as if the Engineer had manually switched to another weapon. (everyone will say this isn't enough flak on the Wrangler to settle anything but it should be an obvious change to make anyway)
-Gunslinger buff: adds health regeneration to the Engineer (to help actually play a combat role, and this is the only Engineer who can't make LV3 sentries).

New wrench & sentry, omnisentry, pillar-shaped with a triangle or halo band of guns wrapped around it that rotates
+Super short enemy turn time/detection always.
+LV2 and LV3 each add another row of guns to the pillar, sentry automatically splits to have one gun on each enemy in sight, or with more guns than enemies they will stack on the same enemy. LV1 has one LV1 gun, LV2 has two LV1 guns, LV3 has three LV1 guns.
-Each gun starts at lowered power and scales up in power by shooting that enemy consecutively in the same "session" over seconds, like 50% to 150%.
-Bullets have extremely little knockback.
-No rockets at LV3.

New wrench & sentry, floating sentry, floats in place with a thruster below it
+Cannot pick up with alt-fire, instead alt-fire at it then alt-fire at a floor to order it to move there (or maybe just press Reload once with wrench while pointing at the floor). It operates like a normal sentry and moves independently to how that reacts.
+LV2 has LV3 HP.
-Cannot upgrade past LV2.
-Less damage than normal sentry.

New wrench & sentry, heavy tank sentry
-Must be wrenched to build, bleeds HP during construction until finished to die if left alone.
+Fires in bursts of shotgun pattern bullets that may AoE, enough knockback to bother explosive jumpers.
-Only sees forward, harmless from the close side or back. +Immune to sapping.
*Has no levels at all, instead when finished is at 50% HP then can repair further. Has around 680 max HP and takes partial damage fall-off but repairing cures 80% less and costs 250% more. The sentry has many armor platings all over it that will come on and off depending on its current HP so anyone can tell how close to dying it is. If picked up it reverts to up to some 40% HP.
*Also switches other buildings to heavy dispenser and heavy teleporter, bleeding building finishing at half and always operates at LV3. Black dispenser has much farther range like MvM and has partial damage resistance to indirect rockets/grenades and stickies. Black teleporter's aura also gives a speedboost and fades faster.

(maybe with more could separate some sentry types with wrench types like with an additional slot so you can mix and match sentries with secondary wrench effects, except for Gunslinger)

New minigun
+Shots pierce 1 enemy player.
+Dealing enough hits on the same enemy sets them on fire.
-Aim spread increased, -15% damage against players, -25% ammo.

New minigun style: energy rifle. No startup time, much smaller speed penalty when active. Shots have travel time and better accuracy (maybe bigger hitboxes by the first moments to not become LESS reliable at closer ranges), lowered max HP, different animations than miniguns.

New primary, fat scout's hammo belt: passively gives your shotguns +100% reserve ammo and faster reload, and passively raises your base movement speed, and is a medium health kit food item on primary slot.

New grenade launcher, spiky mine launcher
+Grenades roll less and can explode on contact even after hitting scenery.
-On direct hit, they stick to the person only exploding after 2sec with no knockback.
-Clip size -50%.
+50% ammo, self-damage reduced.

New melee, ammo crate
+Alt-fire or taunt to dive in and fully reload and refill primary & secondary.
-HP -25, no random crits.

-Caber change: regenerates if you pick up a large ammo pack.

-Third Degree change: adds damage penalty to crit damage, adds guaranteed crit on shared attacks.
-Update the Thermal Thruster's text to include the on-wearer/even-when-not-selected downside of taking multiplied knockback.

-Tentative change to Direct Hit: splash size made larger, gains damage penalty to splash damage specifically.

New primary, bloodsucker
+Alt-fire to instantly refill full clip at the cost of 40 HP (if used at 40 or below, lowers to 1 then gains cooldown, at 1 can't use) (overhealed HP count as half per point to spend).
-Clip size -1, slower reload.

New melee, vampire bat
+On melee kill or by killing them within 4 seconds of meleeing them, heal/overheal 40 HP.
+Each melee hit reloads 1 primary weapon shot.
-HP -15.
-No random crits and cannot be crit-boosted.
"they're not gonna die of natural causes" "they're getting hit by a train, naturally they're gonna die"

User Info: tiomasta

5 months ago#2
New sapper: has some 2 or 3 cooldown uses, can be spent on buildings for default sapper effect but can also be used on enemies without losing your disguise to sabotage them, effect is invisible or visible on their backs only. Effect on players: I have no f***ing clue yet.
Could be a debuff that lowers movement speed by 10% and reduces all healing received so they might not even know they're affected, or a delayed slow effect so it's obvious but you two may be elsewhere by the time it triggers...
"they're not gonna die of natural causes" "they're getting hit by a train, naturally they're gonna die"

User Info: Simplexible

5 months ago#3
That sapper can be used to deactivate their weapons for 2 seconds.

I have a similar idea.

New Spy Revolver: Tranquilizer Revolver. Only 1 bullet per clip, has 6 bullets in total, 3 seconds cooldown between shots. Does 90% less damage, lowers enemy turning speed by 60% for 3 seconds and lowers their speed and jump height by 25%. Making them easier to backstab.
(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: Azardea

5 months ago#4
Simplexible posted...
New Spy Revolver: Tranquilizer Revolver. Only 1 bullet per clip, has 6 bullets in total, 3 seconds cooldown between shots. Does 90% less damage, lowers enemy turning speed by 60% for 3 seconds and lowers their speed and jump height by 25%. Making them easier to backstab.
Complete garbage, no one wants to play against this.

User Info: tiomasta

5 months ago#5
I was thinking of a more passive sneaky effect on the sapper than an actually combative one out of a sudden.
Tranquilizer revolver? Having that might be awful. Pre-release TF2 did have a tranquilizer revolver for the Spy instead of a normal damage one, but they got rid of that idea faster than they got rid of the Medic having an SMG that was the same as Sniper's but better.

(edit to my original post because I can't edit it anymore:)
(Medic doublejump probably shouldn't be good enough to jump over an enemy. Medigun downgrades to 5 p/s instead of 8 p/s)
(Heavy minigun does a weak-then-stronger-per-proc bleed, not a burn)

-Pyro's Backscratcher gives passive health regeneration to the Pyro capped at a lower 3 or 2 p/s, for solo scavenging besides the medkit-dependant boost

-Alternate dispenser: cannot upgrade past LV1, can have several active at once to cover more area, healing cannot stack with another dispenser of this type.
-Alternate teleporter: medkit-carrying teleporter exit. Exit also doubles as a healing pad, carrying 1 charge that will instantly heal a flat amount of HP to any teammate or disguised Spy that first steps inside the exit, which then recharges over time separately to teleporter function. Can partially overheal. The building has significantly less HP on each level, self-destructs the exit after enough heals and/or teleports, and the exit builds faster, costing 200 metal.
"they're not gonna die of natural causes" "they're getting hit by a train, naturally they're gonna die"
(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: Sefyroth

3 months ago#6
I'm still waiting for that throwable sapper from meet the spy. :/
Or, better yet, a throwable mini sentry.

User Info: Simplexible

3 months ago#7
Valve should add a Sapper that flashes or stuns nearby enemies when it destroys the equipment.

Works like a flash grenade from CSGO.

User Info: jokazoider

4 weeks ago#8
medigun that regens ammo
-zoe <3

User Info: piyo99

1 day ago#9
Something I've always liked is a reloadable primary for the Heavy. Something like:

"+25% firing speed
+15% spin up time
-75% clip size
-10% damage

This weapon can be reloaded at any time. Reserve ammo is 200."

Something like that could be cool.
Yes. I like this new weapon.
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