I taunt after every kill.

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  3. I taunt after every kill.

User Info: CaioNV

7 months ago#1
It's legit strategy.
E nos nao vamos colocar uma meta, nos vamos deixar uma meta aberta, quando a gente atingir a meta, nos dobramos a meta

User Info: guise-guise

7 months ago#2
i agree itz good idea. u gotta restore 10 hp points as medic after winning a tough heavy showdown.
Some of my messages are not serious. It's up to you to tell which are serious and which are not.

User Info: buddyboigiru

7 months ago#3
I kill after every taunt
"sometimes code lyoko porn doesn't have big enough foreheads" ~ Derbmeister

User Info: Apalapan

7 months ago#4
Be a hero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lpXeQWkjNg
And learn from your mistakes: http://i.imgur.com/NDiVPuA.png
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  3. I taunt after every kill.

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