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User Info: ssupermario92

5 years ago#1
As a former competitive tf2 player (granted I want to get back @ it, just not now due to IRL stuff) I really enjoy the competitiveness of this game, whether it be 6v6 or Highlander.

However there some peeps out there who beg to differ. So to what are your thoughts on comp TF2 in general?

And "lol comp tf2" isn't a good response
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User Info: Imbackhahahaha

5 years ago#2
Not really a fan. What I love about TF2 is how not serious it is. I play TF2 to goof off and have fun. Competitive is not really my thing.
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User Info: Falco_Taveren

5 years ago#3
It can sometimes get too serious, but it's great fun when playing with a group of people you like
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User Info: Sonorous_Jon1S8

5 years ago#4
Organized tf2 is a thing which exists next to regular tf2 and trade tf2. All 3 of these sects can offer interests to different people. I have a hard time seeing why one would hate the other simply for existing.

I personally consider the competitive tf2 (or before i heard of tf2, quake scene) more entertaining than any other fps ive seen. I trade and pub, but i enjoy the competitive theory-wank and watching matches or good demo reviews. (PS in need of good demo review links) Im not entirely sure what the topic is specifically asking.

User Info: CrayolaNinja

5 years ago#5
6v6 is pretty much a mod

and highlander is a chaotic mess that isnt fun to watch

User Info: KKpizzas

5 years ago#6
I'm not really interested in playing myself unless more of my friends pick up TF2 and feel like getting a team going. That won't happen, and if it does, they'll all be total rookies.

I do love watching high-level 6v6 matches though. It is nice to see how capable some people are at playing the game, even if there are really only, like, 2 teams capable of winning the ESEA LAN.

Highlander is okay, but it gets a little chaotic at some points. Plus, you don't get the exciting off-classes of 6v6. Spy plays are just spy plays. Sure, they can get clutch backstabs on the medic, but those happen all the time in highlander. Not so in 6v6. Same story with snipers.

So long story short, I don't wanna play, I like watching 6v6, and highlander is kinda lame.

User Info: Fritz0x8

5 years ago#7
I make a lot of money doing it, it's my job. So I'm all for it if you got the skills.
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User Info: BakedStuffEtc

5 years ago#8
Highlander at most levels is basically Pub + Mumble - Crits. Mainly because of the ubiquitous wrangled minis and importance of the Heavy

6v6 is fun if you play a league that doesn't ban everything not stock.
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User Info: Neoconkers

5 years ago#9
goddammit why are people having fun in a different way to me
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User Info: Kibago

5 years ago#10
any format which bans a bunch of items is not a format for me. i'm glad others enjoy it. i like playing the actual game.
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