The Differences Between "Premium" and "Free" players.

    6 years ago #51
    3riForce posted...
    Just started downloading this game after hearing so much about it. I cant believe its free.... how can they afford it? Im still looking for a catch :P

    It sold very well back when it cost money. Nowadays, they sell things on the Mann Store which brings out truckloads of money. However, you do not need anything in the Mann Store, ever unless you're looking to uncrate things. Every weapon you can get in the store, you can get in-game normally or by trading. In fact, it's smarter just to do that than buy weapons in the Mann. Store because weapons aren't that valuable compared to their price.

    Only thing people really buy is Mann. Crate Keys, but if you have no interest in hats or kill count weapons, it won't affect you.
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