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  3. Why did the spy cross the road?

User Info: smackdownv

9 years ago#1
He never really was on your side.
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User Info: skywalker_

9 years ago#2
I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message.

User Info: Chronothos

9 years ago#3
been there done that

User Info: Tulki

9 years ago#4

That was actually clever.
... and I'm buying sandvich.

User Info: nizztron3000

9 years ago#5
very clever bro
you're wearing you're skin like it's too tight
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User Info: NeoGenesis_22

9 years ago#6

but it still got a chuckle.
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User Info: TimmayIzWeird

9 years ago#7
Because I haven't heard this joke 19438754 times already.
I wish Google existed.

User Info: Jared Sol

Jared Sol
9 years ago#8
Was expecting "Because Scout's Mom was on the other side"

Left somewhat content.
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User Info: DignatoReRaised

9 years ago#9
I was expecting something about Spycrab.

Was pleasantly surprised :D

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User Info: crazyjester32

9 years ago#10
This topic says nothing about why he crossed the road, only how he ended up on the other side, 2/10
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  3. Why did the spy cross the road?
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