How to grief: 10 ways

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User Info: yeahyeahyup

8 years ago#11
this one is old too
From: gamebeater13234
I thought I could have a normal game of tf2 with y3 on the server

User Info: nonsexual_inter

8 years ago#12
most people know about this actually
Still considered private and not THAT well known. Easy to learn and catch on but most people give up because it takes practice to master.
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User Info: fire2box

8 years ago#13
What I do is bulid a exit inside the intel room on 2fort and bulid the other one up on the sniper's battlements in the exact position they always take to take cover. Most of the time they are still scoped so they never see it coming, then wham they are in the intel room.

This also works on other engies where you build it in between their dispensers and SG's.
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User Info: Shenti_Reborn

8 years ago#14
6. Doorguarding 2fort. Exploit YeaYeaYup found. Private of course. All good griefing methods used today are private.

lol, wow, you guys are so cool. You know, if I wanted to be a ****, I could fraps myself doing it and put it up on youtube until it was patched.

I seriously hate people like you, no offense.

Well, you know what? I'm the only person ever to make/find/whatever actual l33t h4x for Illutia, the super crappy-but-free 2D MMO.

Yup. But you don't hear me bragging. Mostly because that game sucks, and only has like 100-200 players. BUUUUUT HEY, I figured out how to make my stats super high, at least until I log off, die, or level, but hey, in your faces.

But you don't hear me bragging.

Also, I can equip anything on that game, regardless of requirements. I'm a e-gangsta, yo.
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User Info: Ds_Player1

8 years ago#15
Spy. Disguise as friendly heavy.
Stand in a sniper area that they attack.
Be invincible.
Anyone have the hitbox pic?
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User Info: NightFalcon

8 years ago#16
Personally, I find that the best griefs are the ones that make people laugh. The griefs that just make me think "idiot" are pretty silly.

And TC, your griefing ways are old. Look up youtube for some more inspirations.
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User Info: nonsexual_inter

8 years ago#17
Shenti how bout you just create a group and name it "The Yo_D Haters Group" or something... I was going to reply to you then noticed you were shenti :P

Official enhancedaimer

User Info: arleas

8 years ago#18

From: Metaknight500 | #001
5: Be worthless.

So does this mean you're griefing the TF2 board?

User Info: mashpotatoe

8 years ago#19
Building dispesnors/ sentrys in front of allied sentrys is pretty funny.

I also like trying to use the good old "teleporter that has its exit carefully positioned under a ramp so that when people use it they get stuck trick. "
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User Info: zammox

8 years ago#20
There's a custom map called Black Mesa which used to be great to grief on. You could block the spawn door by crouching next to it but they released an updated version and now there's like 5 doors :/

Having admin powers is ez modo griefing. Drugs, blind, changing of view, slay @ xxx every few seconds, evil slap etc etc

8. Antimute - private - speaks for itself

That needs to be shared for the good of man

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