How to grief: 10 ways

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User Info: Metaknight500

8 years ago#1
I came up with this little guide because as you know, a small amount of griefing is healthy for a growing player. Here are 10 ways you can piss people off!

1: Steal Metal from Dispensers.

Only works if you're an engie. Continually build and demolish sentries while next to a friendly full dispenser. The metal level will drop like crazy if you have quick fingers.

2: Pretend you are a spy.

This can lead several friendlies on a chase if done right. Pretend to be an enemy by running towards your base while calling for medics. A few people will come to spy check. Strafe around them while keeping eye contact. If you're lucky, this can go on for a while, even with several people dogging you.

3: Voice spam.

Nothing beats kicking back to the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme! Or how about Wannabe? Annoying songs anyone can do, even if you have good music taste. Even screaming obscenities and insults can work!

4: Teleport teammates to useless areas.

Classic griefing. Put teleporters around corners, or to an area which takes a while to get out from, such as the big pit at Dustbowl if you're defending. Backwards won't work on smart players, as they can see which way the teleporter will lead them.

5: Be worthless.

Stand in one spot, use melee weapons only, Mouse1+w. Be a medic but heal no one, be a Spy but only disguise as friendlies.

6: Block the view of snipers.

Big bulky Heavies can get in the way of Snipers and block their view. Pyros can shoot flames in front of rifles to block their view. Scouts can strafe past them. Either ways, you can really make life hell for a sniper.

7: Build worthless buildings.

Dispensers in your supply area, Sentries at a locked control point, and jeering teammates who scream "What the **** worthless engie building at our spawn".

8: Ignore dying teammates.

As the medic once jeered, "Is there any point to your lives?!?". Teammates lit on fire can scream at you all day, you won't heal 'em. If you really wanna flip them off, taunt as they crash to the ground a burning corpse.

9: Uber useless classes.

Snipers lit up like a dutch brothel (It's a reference) and engineers who babysit their precious baby sentry guns finding themselves thinking "What the ****?" is priceless and leads to some hilarious responses.

10: Need a dispenser here!

Explains itself.

I hope you found my guide informative. If not:
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User Info: yeahyeahyup

8 years ago#2
more like ten ways to get banned

or something
From: gamebeater13234
I thought I could have a normal game of tf2 with y3 on the server

User Info: nonsexual_inter

8 years ago#3
1. Barely any engi will truely care. If he does he will think your just a random newb (not a noob but just new to the game) therefor not griefing.

2. Most people won't really care. They will either think it is a coincidence or just laugh it off.

3. Your description sucks. You suck at mic spamming kthx. This is the only "greifing" way you have on this list.

4. Depends how far you take it. If it is a tele to the enemy sentry in a spot where the SG is not able to hit the tele then yes it is a grief method. Your method is what most people won't consider a grief attempt but just a small attempt to gain attention. 90% of players just shrug it off.

5. People will think you are a newb and trying to learn to play. Some may comment. Unless you are mic spamming this is not griefing.

6. Snipers can still snipe pretty easily. I had two pyros on me once and didn't notice it until I unscoped. This worked well in a team roomba vid but team roomba was staged. Unless you are mic spamming this is not griefing.

7. Once again people will think you are a newb just trying to learn to play or something. Someone may comment and unless you are mic spamming or hacking this is not griefing.

8. This is just annoying and most people will think you just suck at medic. Nothing else. This is not griefing.

9. This only works 10% of the time and most people just laugh it off unless it is more competitive. Not really griefing anymore.

10. Just funny and the filter blocks it from becoming griefing.

tl;dr your list sucks and I can do better.
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User Info: VaelVictus

8 years ago#4
1. No lulz are produced.

2. I LOVE doing this, I should do it more.

3. Obviously.

4. Classic and effective. I put my spray of my face in front of the teleporter.

6. All the time.

7. Yeap.

8. Being an ass does not always grief them as well as just being daft. Be sure to miss a lot, or look like you were too busy doing something stupid. It will frustrate them more.

9. Roomba did it. It's old. It's cliche. It's more fun to half-uber people.

10. Why did I just respond to all these?
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User Info: nonsexual_inter

8 years ago#5
Why did I just respond to all these?
In reality you are Yo_D, the truth had to be told someday son.
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User Info: sk8FOREVER3

8 years ago#6
"5. Be worthless" basically sums up every list point made
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User Info: Swarm2004

8 years ago#7
My favorite griefs revolve around medic and ubering. Depending on how subtle you wanna be, either uber and abandon in front of a sentry or purposely uber right after they die.

And about the guy who says people are just gonna think your'e a noob. Subtle griefing is still griefing, even if they think you're just a moron they're still gonna get pissed off.
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User Info: Shenti_Reborn

8 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: nonsexual_inter

8 years ago#9
Here is a better list I just put together. Oh and shenti I love you too <3

1. Mic spamming, This is a common griefing tool and is useless on its own. It is wonderful when you have friends doing it with you and start the same micspam all at the same time.

2. Name stealing. Use the console and take someone elses name. Use this with other griefing methods and there is a 50/50 chance you will get an innocent user banned. It is also fun to steal admins names and make them ban themselves.

3. Aimbotting, this will empty the server. The downside is it costs money for a nondetected bot.

4. Go underneath the map and grief on maps that are still exploitable. I know a few maps but not sharing :)

5. This -

6. Doorguarding 2fort. Exploit YeaYeaYup found. Private of course. All good griefing methods used today are private.

7. Speed and crit hax - speak for themselves. Speed hacking heavy with constant crits KGB = win

8. Antimute - private - speaks for itself

9. Civilian classes - This is only considered good griefing when you have 5+ people doing it using name stealer and on a map NOT 2fort. 2fort is too common for civilians.

10. Have an army that do this often together.
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User Info: yeahyeahyup

8 years ago#10

From: nonsexual_inter | #009
6. Doorguarding 2fort. Exploit YeaYeaYup found. Private of course. All good griefing methods used today are private.

most people know about this actually
From: gamebeater13234
I thought I could have a normal game of tf2 with y3 on the server
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