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User Info: DrthDan

8 years ago#1
This game needs to come back...redone. It was one of the best MMORPGs of all time...I'd hate to see it die. Sign here if you want it to be updated (redone).

User Info: Bravo366

8 years ago#2
i don't exactly want it to be redone or updated, that never works for most games I've seen. I would just like people to stop playing MMOs like World Of Warcraft and try this game out. They probably wouldn't like it much because it's complex unlike MMOs today. I just want this game to like it was when it was released. The RvR was the best thing in the world! Nothing compares to the adrenaline rush you get when your group charges towards a keep in hopes of taking it over. Now, the population is slowly dying and i fear that soon this game with completely die. If that happens then i'll be really sad because DAOC has provided me with so many good memories and exciting experiences that no other game or MMO has been able to provide. In all honesty though, if this game had to be redone to gain popularity and a higher player base i would agree with you and let it be done. I really doubt that would work, look at Warhammer for an example. I thought it would be like a DAOC 2.0 but it ended up being a WoW 2.0.

User Info: Canim4

8 years ago#3
I agree. DAoC is my favorite MMO and is much better than WoW but that is just my opinion.
Also i had high hopes for Warhammer and felt like i was playing WoW more than DAoC.

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