Finally did some research on this game...

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User Info: Megaturtle

9 years ago#1
And i had some questions :o.

1. Hows the community, In Size and general interaction with other players.

2. Can you get the full game experience with a small group of people?

3. What are a few realms worth starting on?

4. Is the pvp truly, truly awesome o.o?

5. Are there still updates?

6. Is there a Main story line, is it interesting?

any word from someone currently playing the game would be awesome, but help from past players is good too.

User Info: Lincolnsgold

9 years ago#2
1. Fairly small. There aren't a ton of people left playing. In my experience, you'll find the best community on the Classic cluster (Gareth, Lamorak, Ector), unless you can get into a good guild on one of the standard servers.

2. How small?
For the most part, yes. You can level very easily in any size group, and there's decent RvR to be had in small groups as well, although there's a learning curve in surviving. There is very little in the game that takes more than 8 people to do, and a lot that can be done with 2-3.

3. I'm not sure if you're asking realm as in faction or as in server. If you mean faction, some of the most potent hybrids are in Midgard, so you might have the easiest time there in a small group. That said, all 3 realms are fairly similar.
If you mean what server, as above, you'll probably have the most community on the classic cluster. Otherwise, all of the servers are clustered together in 3 large groups, so which server you start on is mostly irrelevant.

4. Best I've ever played. Very well balanced, with a small number of classes over/underpowered, and most classes being only situationally overpowered. Player skill makes a much bigger difference than gear.

5. Yep

6. Ehh. Generally each expansion has its own overall storyline that doesn't develop. Mythic's been doing little campaigns that last a few months, but we're not talking anything on the level of what WoW has done.

I've played since the game came out, recently cancelled to goof off in WoW until WAR comes out. Still love the game though, if I could afford to run two games' subscriptions I'd still be playing it.
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  3. Finally did some research on this game...

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