Daoc until death

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User Info: TenderBox

9 years ago#1

Weird but every other MMO I try I always end up back in Camelot. To the point where I am not going to waste my money trying other MMOs. Was thinking of trying Conan and War but now I am having 2nd thoughts. Love this game and the community.

User Info: mystery323x

9 years ago#2
i feel you ... what server cluster you play on?

User Info: KronikX9

9 years ago#3
I just reinstalled the game again after about 5-6 years of not playing. It's nice seeing my character still there waiting!

User Info: dissonantblack

9 years ago#4
i quit many years ago.

User Info: Slyster1181

9 years ago#5
If you like DAoC then you will probably like Warhammer .. Its pretty much DAoC 2 under a different name.

User Info: Delectation

9 years ago#6
no i well not like warhammer because people like camelot becase of arthur camelot and the other thangs about the myth much more interesting then warhammer
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User Info: ag1002

9 years ago#7
^ Warhammer Online is being developed by the same company, Mythic. Once you learn more about the game, you might want to give it a try when it comes out in the fall :)

User Info: novafluxx

9 years ago#8
I've actually been thinking of trying DAoC for the first time. A little hesitent though...WAR looks cool too, but it won't be out for some months.

User Info: surfingBROHAM

9 years ago#9
umm, WAR is not much like DAoC at all. I have played WAR extensively, its more like WoW than it is DAoC. It defenitely is better than WoW dont get me wrong, but its no DAoC.
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User Info: Kenji_Masamune

9 years ago#10
DAOC was my first foray into MMOs. Did SWG (before the butchering), planetside (... before the butchering), lineage 2 (worst grind ever.. ok maybe EQ is worse.. but not by much), beta'd in quite a few (like D&DO and city of heroes). Of course I finally ended up playing wow for a little over a year before I called it quits. Sick of the damn grinding (grind for levels, grind for money, grind for rep, grind for the sake of grinding). So I run my own PS of WOW and dabbled in a L2 PS. Much funner when you can get what you want ... well when you want instead of months of wasted time. I've called off MMOs though after wow. At least retail MMOs. I'm a console gamer by birth, so playing for 8+ months on a single character and not being at the top is unacceptable. Plus you're paying for it? No more. Even though I do get some serious cravings to start up DAOC again.

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