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User Info: serenechaos

11 years ago#1
So, it is now (widely?) known that Celebi is obtainable through a very long and involved glitch:


So, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a couple things.....

1) Is it possible AT ALL to delete the leftover garbage pokes without Stadium 2?
2) The guy who made the video mentions that you can use this glitch to get HM09 and the GS Ball. Can anybody elaborate on how you use the glitch to get items in general, and these two in particular?
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User Info: Melash

11 years ago#2
Hmm...I once found out a glitch to get HM09 in Crystal Version. Whenever you tried to use it, the game crashed...
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User Info: ShadowMario3

11 years ago#3
1) I doubt you can. When I tried to release them via the game PC, the game would glitch up on me. I had to use Prof. Oak's PC in Pokemon Stadium 2 to get rid of them.

2) I remember one of the four Sneasels were holding HM09 when I was pretty much done with the glitch. You can't use it at all since the game will crash, but you can sell it for 19800.

I never saw the GS Ball, but I think it would be useless since you can't activate the event to catch Celebi in the wild unless you have a Gameshark.
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